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Meet other people in and around San Antonio interested in backpacking. Share experiences, great locations, gear and equipment, and find people to take trips with. Periodically we'll have social mixers so we can get to know the latest members before we head out on a trail. This meetup is focused on multi-day backpacking trips. If you are interested in day hikes, or trail running, you will want to join the Hiking & Outdoors Meetup. That meetup is very active and are a great group of people. Some of us belong to that group as well.

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Hike Pikes Peak Trails

Barr Trail Trailhead

This trip is an introduction to backpacking at altitude. It is not a first timer trip but it is a low-mileage trip that is not overly strenuous (except for the altitude). We will hike some of the lesser known side trails off Barr Trail as well as Barr Trail to the top of Pikes Peak. I will review each person that signs up for this trip and take them off the confirmed list if I feel they would not be able to safely complete this trip. It is scheduled for 8 days; this includes travel days. I will be working the logistical details over the next several weeks and will update the information as things change. The itinerary will be flexible due to the weather changes on Pikes Peak. If there is too much soft snow we may not be able to summit the peak. Tentative itinerary: Day 1 Travel to Manitou Springs, CO; spend the night in local hotel (14 hour drive, if you drive) Day 2 Hike about 6 miles to Barr Camp (elevation over 10,000 ft); camp near/at Barr Camp Day 3 Hike to Ghost Town Hollow; potential stay at the Hollow or alpine meadow (elevation at the Hollow 12,000 ft) Day 4 Hike to A-Frame (elevation about 12,800 ft) Day 5 Summit Pikes Peak (14,115 ft) and back to A-Frame Day 6 Bottomless Pit (about 11,500 ft) Day 7 Local hotel/showers/sightseeing at Garden of the Gods Day 8 Drive home/fly home Critical Information/Please read: 1. The folks participating will be making a significant investment in time and money to make this trip. The cog railroad is not currently in service. If you have to come off the mountain early you will need to hike down on your own, be financially responsible for any additional days of hotel stays, in town travel and/or your travel home if you decide to go home early. 2. The hike into Bottomless Pit is down a very steep scree field. It is challenging but very doable; there is the very real potential for injury. You will have the option to hike back to Barr Camp and stay there the evening the group stays in the Pit if you find it too challenging. 3. Backpacking is inherently dangerous; everyone will be required to sign a waiver prior to the trip. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hike Elk Park/Chicago Basin in Weminuche Wilderness

Durango & Silverton

This is an amazingly beautiful, high-altitude, strenuous, modified loop hike in the Weminuche Wilderness outside Durango, Colorado. It is a very challenging hike; only those backpackers with proven experience will be allowed to sign-up. The trip will include 2 travel days (could be four if you take two days to drive there and drive back). We will be out hiking for 6 days, about 49 miles. This hike is completely at elevation. Please be sure you’ve done some hiking at elevation before signing up for this one. The scenery and wildlife are amazing. You can scroll through our past trips to see pictures from the last time we did this trip. The Hike: The actual hike will take six days. 10 July-Arrive in Durango, stay at local hotel 11 July-Train to Elk Park, camp at beaver pond 12 July-Cross Continental Divide and camp short of Hunchback Pass 13 July-Set-up camp cross bridge on Vallecito Creek 14 July-Camp at Columbine Lake 15 July-Camp above Chicago Basin 16 July-Train back to Durango (option to begin hike to Windom Peak at 0300 in the AM) 17 July-Travel home Travel: There are a number of travel options. There is an airport in Durango. The drive from San Antonio to Durango is about 15 plus hours. I have done it in two days but it can be done in one, very long day. The same can be said for the drive home. We will sort our final travel arrangements in June once we have a final participant count. We will have the option to summit Windom Peak in Chicago Basin. This is a climb and not a walk-up. At a certain point the trail disappears and we are left to follow cairns. The last section up the summit is a hand over hand scramble; it is dangerous and not to be done without prior scrambling experience. Information on the train is available on the Web site below. It is too early for them to post information on the options for backpackers. http://www.durangotrain.com/ No pets, guests or anyone under the age of 18. Everyone will have to sign a liability waiver. Everyone is responsible for their own travel costs. We will have at least one planning meeting where we will discuss details of the trip. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thru Hike of Lake Tahoe Rim Trail

64 Acres Tahoe Rim Trail Trailhead

Please do read the announcement before signing up. My apologies, but given that we will hike at least 15 miles per day this trip is limited to experienced backpackers. I will contact everyone that signs up to ensure they will be able to safely complete the hike. The Lake Tahoe Rim Trail is 165 miles long and varies between 6,000 and 10,338 feet of elevation. It is a beautiful but moderately challenging hike. We will fly in on 11 August, get fuel and permits and start hiking on 12 August. We have 2 possible zero days built into the schedule. The plan is to be completed with the hike on 24 August and fly home on 25 August. Once the government shut-down is over I will provide further details to those on the confirmed list as well as those on the wait list. We will have at least one planning session before the trip. As with all our multi-day trips, everyone will need to sign a liability waiver before the trip. The following link has a great deal of information on the trail: https://tahoerimtrail.org/ Guthook has an app available that provides real time location information on downloaded maps as well as important other information (e.g. water, campsites). This trip is still in the planning stage. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. This trip is open only to members 18 years old and older. Sorry, no guests or pets.

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Shakedown and Training Hike: Government Canyon

Government Canyon State Natural Area

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