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For this Meetup locally with other people who LOVE to cook and eat! Share your delicious recipes and learn from others as well.

Try new wines, food and desserts to excite your palette and stimulate your desire for more new and exotic dishes you may or may not have tried before. Trade off recipes, tips, ideas, cookbooks, and discuss all joys of cooking!

We are a diverse group of people who meet once or twice a month if possible, you are by no means required to attend all events, only the ones you want to and have RSVPed to. You are required to submit your personal email address and cell phone number, so that I am able to contact you in case of a change of venue or what have you. This is not an option. Please do so before RSVPing to an event. Text me if it is your preference. (210) 444-9444

Hosts are allowed to set the date/time/theme and head count maximum as well.

[b]Guests are allowed only to Appetizer & Wine events and they too are required to bring a dish (per guest) - limit one guest per event.[/b]

Generally, we cook our dishes at our own homes and then take the dishes to the location for which we decided to have the event. If you are interested in learning, you can volunteer for a dish and we can prepare it together (you and I) at my home before going to the event or another member of the group that you may be interested in sous chefing for. If you'd like to just assist with cost, that too can be discussed. Please feel free to email and I will email you back with my information so that you can contact me directly with suggestions and ideas. This is a great club...hope you join and hope you enjoy it!

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