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SAMG is a group of Metaphysical Seekers, who are in the verge of progressively seeking more information of the Spiritual and Metaphysical World in a very positive way. We are a Positive Spiritual Community of experts and those who are developing talents. We are learning ways to give the World a better understanding of the Spiritual concept and helping those who are trying to grasp this idea to achieve a harmonious balance with others and ourselves. This group consists of very talented and developing Psychic, Astrologers, Numerologist, Crystal Healer, Reiki Masters, Metaphysical Seekers, Healers, Spiritualist, Mediums, Curanderismo, Tarot Readers, Palmist and those who embrace this very powerful and valuable world. Not only will you have access to this talent but you will have readings, classes, lectures, practices, speeches, discussions, news, meditations, announcements, events, gatherings, community services and anything that our SAMG members would like to talk about. The progression of this group is to gather and start a wave of positive knowledge that will help those who need help in ever level needed. Come and join us to laugh, learn and explore in this wonderful of Austin Metaphysical Group Meetup.

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Understanding Meditation with Demonstration, AMA San Antonio

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Understanding Meditation with Demonstration We all know meditation is the best way to do a direct connect. Did you know that it’s a way to balance your life. Did you know that you become more powerful with meditation. Understanding Meditation with Demonstration, in this class you will learn 3 basic techniques to better and strengthen the understanding on how mediation works. You will get guidance, learn rhythm and create a positive atmosphere to connect better. Not only will you be demonstrated but also learn to get your soul connected to a higher being, so you can manifest more in your life. Keep in mind, that Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Class date is, Tuesday, September 10, 2019 from 7 to 9 p.m. $60.00, per student, we accept all forms of payment. Register today! Reserve your seat. Ricardo Gonzales, [masked] or call him at[masked]. Class taught at: Reading Room: The After Hour Botanica, 721South Presa, San Antonio, Texas 78210, Will receive 1 point towards a degree plan at AMA. Hosted by: Austin Metaphysical Academy, www.austinmetaphysicalacademy.com #MeditateSanAnotnio #SanAntonioEvents #AustinMetaphysicalAcademy #SanAntonioClass #ReadingRoom #BotanicaSanAntonio #RicardoEvents #AMASanAntonio #SeptemberClasses

Get a Psychic Reading Over the Phone from your home on Tuesday!

Get a Psychic Reading Over the Phone from your home on Tuesday! Getting a Psychic Reading on Tuesday by Ricardo Get a Psychic Reading on Tuesday! From the Comfort of your home! You are wondering how, Let me show you. It's easy. First of all, do you want to get a question(s) answered? Are you stuck in life and need help? Asking yourself, where do you go now? Are you looking for a life Coach? Can't make a decision and you need a different perspective or point of view? Psychic Ricardo Gonzales, B. Msc. has 27 year’s experience, as a Psychic. One Tuesday’s, you can get a Psychic Reading, Mediumship, Life Coach, Advise or just someone to listen to you. Yes, you can get a Phone Reading, by calling Ricardo at[masked] or send an email, [masked] to set an appointment. Let me show you how it works: • On Tuesday, the working hours are from 10 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday’s (Yes, Ricardo can work on other days, set the appointment, [masked]) • Call and setup a reading,[masked] or [masked] to setup an appointment. • Must provide Name, Email, phone number • $2.00 per minute • Accept PayPal, [masked] or Credit Card Number • Get your question(s) or questions answered • Pay for service If you feel that you want to find out more about Ricardo, go his website, http://www.findingyourlifepath.com #RicardoPsychic #TuesdayPsychic #RicardoEvents #TodayTuesday #ReadingOverThePhone #RicardoPhone #SanAntonioPsychic #Readings #PhoneReads

Texas Curanderismo Techniques at AMA, Starts in Austin, Texas 09-23-19

Texas Curanderismo Techniques at AMA Classes Start Monday, September 23, 2019 This Class is conducted in Austin, Texas Curanderismo has been around for centuries and it is conducted by healers in many parts of the world. It is methods, creations and simple techniques of healing soul and the body. You will learn the different methodology, from protection to building altars and developing techniques. In this Class you will learn the improtants of Protection, Altars, Rituals, Limpias, Flowers Energy, and Aqua’s, Guided messages and the importants of putting the Trabajo together. This is an 8 week class; it is $65.00 per student, per class. If you pay 1 lump sum for all the classes it is $520.00 but if you pay the whole amount at once. I will give you a 20% discount, you will pay $416.00. The classes start on September 23, 2019 and will continue until November 11, 2019. This is a Monday night from 7 to 9:30 p.m. and it’s taught at AMA Headquarters, 14214 Anita Marie Lane, ATX 78728. Hosted by: Austin Metaphysical Academy, www.austinmetaphysicalacademy.com To Sign up, get in contact with Ricardo Gonzales,[masked] or [masked] #CuraTexas #LatinTeachings #RicardoEvents #AMAClasses #SpritualWorks #Curanderismo #Mondaynightclass #Rituals

Candle Rituals, Candle Readings, Candle Burning in San Antonio, Texas

Candle Rituals, Candle Readings, Candle Burning in San Antonio, Texas In this class, we are going to talk the way candles can work for you. How to look at the base of a candle, what does the melt or wax mean and how do read candle smoke, you will see the different types of glow and candles and get answers on how or can a candle work. September 24, 2019 from 7 to 9 p.m. $60.00 per student, per class, taught at Reading Room: The after Hour Botanica, 721 South Presa, San Antonio, Texas 78210. You will get 1 point towards your Degree plan, you need to enroll for the class, get in contact with Ricardo,[masked] or email him at: [masked] Class hosted by Austin Metaphysical Academy, www.austinmetaphysicalacademy.com #AustinTexas #TexasCandle #Texas #Class #Saturday #Academy #AMAEvent #SanAntonioClass #BotanicaSanAntonio #RicardoEvents #TuesdayClass #TMFFair #CandleClassSA #SanAntonioClass

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