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We're building a supportive community for vegan, vegetarian, and veg-curious folks in the Alamo City. If you're moving toward a more healthful, sustainable, and compassionate way of eating -- or if you simply wonder why kale has been getting such good press lately -- you're welcome to join us.

This group is designed to be active and inclusive, offering events to suit a wide range of schedules and interests. We hatched our plans for vegan world domination over plates of local, organic food at Vegeria, and we'll continue to meet there for brunch on the 1st Saturday of each month. With San Antonio's own chapter of Vegan Drinks, we'll imbibe and converse at a different location each month, always on the 3rd Tuesday. If you can't wait to share your latest culinary concoction (or try someone else's), you can join us for our monthly vegan potluck.

Other items on our bucket list: movie nights, book discussions, opportunities for volunteer work and activism, field trips to veg-friendly restaurants and events outside the city, and anything else our wonderful members suggest.

We're a new group, and although both of your co-organizers hold strong opinions on any and every subject, you can trust that we'll respond to your concerns and make use of your suggestions.

We think that what we were told as children is still true: People who eat their veggies grow up strong and smart. We're excited to meet all of San Antonio's awesome vegetable eaters!


Upcoming events (4+)

(COVID- cancelled recurring event) Get Healthy San Antonio: Whole Foods Pl

This event is postponed until the Covid19 restrictions are lifted by EcoCentro

Each 2nd Thursday of the month, members of the San Antonio PlantPure Pod get together to share a meal and to provide one another with information and encouragement for sustaining a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.

5:45 pm Setup, meet & greet, announcements, Potluck dinner at 6:30.

If you've read "The China Study" or watched "Forks Over Knives," you've learned that this way of eating promotes optimal wellness and longevity. Surrounded by meat-eating family members and the convenience of fast and processed foods, it can be challenging to make the transition to a diet that will provide lasting benefits. For those who have adopted this diet and experienced positive changes in their health, there may be a strong desire to spread the word and a feeling of frustration with the food system that is making so many people sick.

The Get Healthy San Antonio group is open to everyone, especially families with children, people just dipping their toes into meatless Mondays as well as dedicated followers of the whole foods plant-based lifestyle. You're invited to bring your questions and concerns as well as your advice and expertise to our supportive community. Our meetings may include film screenings, cooking demonstrations, and lively group discussions.

For our potluck meal, please bring:

• A whole food, plant-based dish (preferably free of added sugar, salt, and oil)

• A copy of your recipe or a list of the ingredients, to allow those with food allergies to eat safely

• Your own drink, reusable/recyclable plate, bowl, and utensils

We look forward to seeing you on the second Thursday of each month!

Farmers Market Day

The Olmos Basin Farmers' Market

Let’s celebrate our farmers and our veggies by buying local fresh in season produce. In San Antonio we’re lucky to have year round farmers markets. So, let’s get together and enjoy some coffee while shopping for our veggies.

If you don’t see your area, no worries, we’ll be getting together at the various farmers markets around the city!

Every Other Month Vegan Drinks

Tarka Indian Kitchen

Due to COVID-19 this event will be Virtual - as we get closer to the event, the link will be posted -

Come on and join us for some socializing and networking.

The essence of Vegan Drinks: It's a great way of catching up with people you know and also for making new contacts.

These events are very simple and unstructured, but many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals and had moments of serendipity. It's a force for the good.

If you've got books or videos to share, bring them.

See you there and bring a friend!

Boycott Sea World Demo

Sea World San Antonio

While attendance is down for the theme park, it's now when we as a community need to continue to put pressure on the park to keep their promise to the animals. Please join us for our once a month peaceful demo to show #SeaWorldOfHurt that we won't forget the animals. It was May 2016 that Sea World announced that they would end Orca breeding program and end the Orca shows. However, they failed to mention the other animals, including, Beluga Whales, Dolphins, Seals, etc.

During that same time, Sea World of San Antonio opened the Discovery Point exhibit that allows a person to swim with dolphins for 30 minutes. This is still exploitative.

Please join us in making our voices heard that these intelligent earthlings are not alone.


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