What we're about


This group is about listening to vinyl records of any genre. If you enjoy listening to and collecting vinyl records, you'll be a good fit for this group!

I'm not sure exactly how this group should work, but am currently imagining small group meetups at members' houses where each member brings a record to listen to.

It might also be fun to meet up at record stores, each buy a record, and then go listen to them. This is also a good option if you aren't comfortable inviting people you've never met to your house.

We could perhaps agree on what we're bringing beforehand so that we can get an idea of the genres of music to be played and how long the session will last.

I have a small apartment that could comfortably fit 3 additional vinyl enthusiasts, and maybe as this group grows we'll find enthusiasts with larger spaces.

Depending on member interest, it might also make sense to have gear-focused meetups for those of us obsessed with high quality audio.

If you are interested, join the group and let's meet up!

Past events (5)

The Friends of the Palo Alto Library Special Vinyl Record Sale

Cubberley Community Center

December 2018 Listening Session

San Carlos Public Library

October Vinyl Session

San Carlos Public Library

Second Vinyl Lovers' Meetup!

San Mateo City Hall

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