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Let's get together to Tangle!

This is a social group for people who know about, or are interested in the mindful drawing method called Zentangle. There will be no formal instruction. If you are searching for a Zentangle class, visit our sister meetup Bay Area Zentangle Class by just Tangle (

If you are entirely new to Zentangle, please read the welcome email you receive from our group. It gives you some ideas on how to learn some basics, and what you should bring.

But I can't draw!

Many people are drawn (pun intended!) to Zentangle who have no prior art experience - or talent! If you can draw a C curve, an S curve, a dot, an o, a straight-ish line, then you can tangle! The tangle patterns are broken down into easy-to-follow steps. It really is a meditational art-form many people find accessible, fun and relaxing to do.

What is Zentangle?

The Zentangle method gives us a way of achieving mindfulness by drawing patterns. Each pattern has been methodically broken down into simple steps using simple shapes, so that anyone can learn how to create the designs. The act of drawing each stroke and the repetitive lines that make patterns is amazingly relaxing; it helps calm our minds and gives us a small break from everyday stress. The result is also a beautiful work of art!

You can learn more about Zentangle and the Zentangle method at . There are also some excellent books to get you started (read the welcome email for more details!). You can also learn the Zentangle method from a Certified Zentangle Teacher, you can find a CZT in you area (

If you are near San Carlos, I am a CZT and teach through . This group will -not- solicit training or any other kind of sales. We are a fun group of people who love tangling!

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