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CROSS MARKETING. This is a 3 time repeat meetup with Another group. I am experimenting. GIVE FEEDBACK later on How Good this is. Big Al suggested we post this. >>>>>>>> La Jolla Shores Jam, Potluck and Bonfire. June 16, June 30 and July 14...... Go to this site to Sign Up. It costs 0$ if you sing/guitar. Please please report here on Issues and Success :) ((((( DONT MISS OUR JULY 7TH JAM AT JBRONZE HOUSE:)))))

Awareness of TZM at La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores · San Diego, CA

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The S.D. Acoustic Musician Collective is the premier Guitar and Singing Meetup of San Diego and the entire world. Yes, officially we are ranked #2 in the world for Blues/Jam meetups. Our JAMigos comprise a long list of musicians spanning from Professional to Newcomers. We support both acoustic and electric guitar jams.... read on. We are Extremely Unique due to the deep commitment of our JAMigos team having both Home and Alternate-Venue Jams. Our success comes from the kindness of our hottest members and the direct hands-on help they give to both new and seasoned players. We support our own equipment and sound man. We encourage both Acoustic and Electric Jams. House Jams are mostly acoustic. Pub Jams are both electric and acoustic. Read the details in each event. Use event comments to communicate. Events are ALWAYS orchestrated with good food and comfort in mind. We are Inspired by "That Feeling" each person gets when a Jam song is executed perfectly. Predominant genres include: blues, rock, jazz, r&b, blue grass, folk, etc. . THERE IS NOTHING LIKE "THAT FEELING" YOU GET, WHEN THE SONG IS "IN THE POCKET". I can attest to over 100 people stating to me that "This is the best Jam group they have ever been to in their life". We ARE JAMigos. JB

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Hosting events is encouraged. Please send a meetup message to James Bronze to initiate and verify an event. You can initiate this process on the home page. This meetup has specific requirements and needs for it's events. These include but are not limited to special planning for: The building, climate, chairs, food, driving distance, electricity, large screen display, parking, sound acoustics, etc.

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Keep checking the calendar. We've got lots of stuff on there, and there's more stuff being added and in the works all the time.

Thanks, everyone. Rock on!

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