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When: Every Saturday morning at 8:15 AM

⚠☣ COVID-19 Notice: Yes, we really do ride every Saturday...when we can. This coronavirus lockdown is unprecedented. I'll continue to cancel sessions of the Meetup ride, playing it by ear (canceling at least 4 days in advance), until the SDBC Saturday club rides are officially happening again

Where: Meet in front of UC Cyclery at 8715 Via La Jolla Drive (in the La Jolla Village Square mall at the intersection of Via La Jolla and Nobel Drive)
What: Have a fun bike ride around San Diego's North County! You'll enjoy views of inland valleys and the coast. Ride leaders help you decide which group you should join based on your riding experience. Then we roll out at 8:30 AM after some brief announcements.

Connect with us:
• SDBC website (https://www.sdbc.org/)
• Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sandiegobicycleclub/)
• Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sandiegobicycleclub/)
• Twitter (https://twitter.com/SDBicycleClub)
• Strava (https://www.strava.com/clubs/sdbc)

You can ride to the start or drive there and leave your car in the lot while you ride. Free coffee and bananas are provided courtesy of UC Cyclery to get you fired up to go! Rides range from 24 miles to 47 miles. The shorter rides are also slower. Most riders stop at Solana Beach Coffee Company before heading back to UC Cyclery or going directly home.
You ride at your own risk, but you'll get lots of guidance from experienced SDBC ride leaders if you need it. We generally don't ride if it's raining.

• Ride with us! (https://www.sdbc.org/saturday) You don't need to be a member (of SDBC (https://www.sdbc.org/) or Meetup) to join the ride, but as you may soon learn, becoming a member brings many social & economic benefits.

• Join SDBC (https://www.sdbc.org/join). The $55 annual fee is quickly recouped in special, unpublished discounts from sponsors like Spinergy Wheels (https://www.spinergy.com/), UC Cyclery (https://www.uccyclery.com/) in La Jolla, Fluid Sports Nutrition (https://livefluid.com/) and many more (https://www.sdbc.org/sponsors). You can sign up for the weekly SDBC email update to stay informed about local rides, races, and discounts.

• Donate (https://www.sdbc.org/donate). SDBC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes and provides education around healthy physical activity and the local community. Your donations are deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. https://www.sdbc.org/donate

Saturday Ride Rules:
• Helmets required
• No earbuds or headphones
• No Aero bars
• No flashing lights while in group

SDBC assumes NO responsibility or liability for your safety. When you ride with SDBC, you are giving your implied consent that you are assuming all responsibility and liability for your safety. With this implied consent, you acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous and potentially deadly activity. You—for yourself and on behalf of your heirs, assigned personal representatives, and next of kin—release SDBC, its officers and directors, volunteers, and members from any and all liability associated with your participation in any SDBC-related activity.

— Dan Goese, one of the ride leaders at your service.

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Saturday Morning Ride Around North County

UC Cyclery

Saturday Morning Ride Around North County

UC Cyclery

Gravel Ride #2 on March 7th

UC Cyclery

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