13th C++ group meetup - 3-10-2020


Hello all,

* Welcome slide
* wise_enum - the github repo of the month
* lighting talk on wise_enum
* Better algo intuitive - 2 leetcode questions using C++ algorithms to solve it.
* C++ stackoverflow of the month. padding!
* Quora question of the month secrets of deprecated array containers
* C++Quiz - as usual this is a random one from cppquiz dot com
* Follow ups from previous meetups - auto and initializer_list
* Book review plus one chapter demonstrated - The modern C++ Challenge
Blog review - continued (would be using examples from this blog) - More from walletfox slides
* Talk - Deducing auto types in C++14

I expect the meeting to be around 2 hours.

Location: Qualcomm Building AY room 190.
10001 Pacific Heights Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

Thank you,