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ComicCon Castaways Sketch Crawl Thursday
We don't need no stinkin' badges. Meet at Childrens Park in the morning, homeless sketching. Then on to the main drag, find a place in the shade to sit and draw the people. From there, round and about, see what happens. Likely activities -- on-site journal comic of the festivities, doing quick ink sketches for ca$h, tag-team sketch assembly line Marvel-style -- one penciler, one inker, another guy writing in the dialogue, with a designated Stan Lee to sign it and take all the credit. Later in the day there may well be drinking. Bring all your own materials, it's not a great area for art supplies. A water bottle is a good idea, sun hat, sun block, it's hot out there. Cash, of course, or a hearty box lunch. Whatever you do don't drive in, even if you find a parking place (you won't) the traffic is insane. Best bet is to park at or uber to a far-distant trolley station and then take the Green or Silver lines to the Convention Center station, which is, yes, right across from the Convention Center. Actually meeting can be tricky, so if you don't want to trust to the vagaries of train schedules and mob justice message me here and we can exchange phone numbers.

Childrens Park

Martin Luther King Promenade · San Diego, Ca

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Calling all artists looking to connect and share their passion with like minded individuals! As awesome as art is sometimes it can be a little lonely sometimes. So pull up a chair and have fun while you connect with fellow cartoonists, illustrators, and avid sketchers. I started this group because I love art and finding others who want to have fun and meet people by doing what they love. Members are encouraged to bring art books, comics, or even their favorite films. We will usually meet at coffee shops, boba places, and family restaurants and suggestions for future meet up spots are welcome!

Update 12/18/2015 Under new management. The group ownership lapsed so I picked it up. Pretty much all of the above still applies, but I'm more interested in group sketching expeditions than I am in socializing per se. Having companions along keeps motivation up. Even a glance at someone else's work can expose new possibilities for your own. So, social interaction, good, but less restaurants and more museums, parks, other visually interesting places. Also any cons (comic, SF&F, anime, UFO) in the area, ren fairs, tractor shows, martial arts exhibitions... I'm new to the area, so all suggestions welcome. And I'm setting it to allow members to schedule new meetups. Constant practice works well, so better a lot of small gatherings than a few large ones.

My free time is mostly during weekday daylight hours, and the meetups I myself post will reflect that. If those times aren't working for you, post a meetup yourself for the evening or the weekend. I assume most members have 9-to-5 jobs, so you'll probably get a good response.

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