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Patriot defined: a person who thinks of himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against overbearing interference by the federal or state government. Are you ready to work in collaboration with other fellow citizens to lawfully restore a republic that responds to its average citizens and not the billionaires who can buy politicians and low information voters like they were robots in a video game. Are you ready to vote for honest politicians who will restore transparency in government? Visit with us to learn more about how to take small forward moving steps that will lead to a government that we are as proud of as we are of our country and its average hard working citizens. America is the beacon that shines light on injustice and works to correct it. The average God fearing citizens pulling together make America the freest, most prosperous and most generous country in the World. America is the dream destination of millions of people. Meet together with others that make this a great country.

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We need a retail location where our volunteers can meet the public. Please contact our organizer if you think you can help. Thank you. - Lincoln. - [masked][masked]

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