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Hello to all, I am Dan Gibbons an dance instructor with over 20 years of experience and one of my favorite things to do is to teach couples. Over the years I have learned that many people think they are bad dancers because they don't know what to do when they take the floor. For some reason many people feel they should be born knowing this skill. I believe that learning to dance is just like learning a new language. It is a skill we acquire with instruction and practice and just like learning a new language all it takes is patients and determination. My approach is to really spend time helping the guys with all that is involved in being the lead, most important is confidence. I try to get the ladies focused on her job such as position and posture so he can worry about his jobs such as timing , steps,lead and floorcraft. Just like learning a language it may be complex but after a few lessons we will be able to master this beautiful body Language. I usually start the class with music so I can meet new people and regulars can get warmed up, then I take a poll of the students to see which dance they would like to do.Swing Salsa Rumba Tango Hustle Cha Foxtrot Waltz Nightclub are the most popular. We will try to cover 3 steps in two dances each 1 hour meeting. You may not get everything each night but as you return each lesson things will get easier. This is a drop in format that is meant to accommodate today's busy couples so if you miss a week here and there its cool. The Class Varies but is usually around 6 couples so there is time for me to get around and give individual attention. The cost is $12 per person or $100 for a 10 class card the receptionist at Mary Murphy's Champion Ballroom will be there to help you sign in. I also teach private lessons and am an expert at choreography if a wedding or anniversary is in your future.

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This is a dance class especially for couples. Usually in dance class partners rotate but sometimes couples understandably like to stay together. This class is for you. The Class is taught by instructor Dan Gibbons, with over 20 years of experience teaching Dance, at Mary Murphy's Champion Ballroom in 4255 Ruffin Rd in San Diego every thursday night at 8pm. Dances taught are by request, which means Dan asks couples what they want to learn each week then takes a poll and then teaches at least two dances. This means the dances can change from week to week and couples are free to drop in anytime. Most requested dances are Swing Salsa Tango Rumba ChaCha Foxtrot and Waltz. Dress is California Casual and Dan's lighthearted approach makes learning fun and easy. The Class is open to all couples. The cost is $12 per person or $100 for a ten class card. every Thursday at 8pm

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