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Data Scientists in San Diego are doing incredible data science: making graph models of symptoms and human disease, extracting insight from huge amounts of data in real time, and building tools to make this whole process easier. We founded this Meetup as a forum to showcase that work.

We also aim to help people who are getting into data science by hosting workshops on:
- Python for Data Science
- Statistical Programming
- Machine Learning
- Neural Nets
- Apache Spark
- and much more :)

Upcoming events (1)

PyNight Hackathon (Downtown)

LEARN academy

For this event, we are being hosted at LEARN Academy (https://www.learnacademy.org/) in Downtown San Diego. Thanks to the awesome staff there for hosting us. PyNight is a public CTF style hackathon facilitated by Booz Allen Hamilton. This event is designed to accommodate an array of skill set levels. Python beginners and experts alike will work their way through challenges using Python code. Players solve challenges of various types as they appear on the scoreboard. For each challenge solved, the player will be awarded points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. The event for this quarter is being held in conjunction with both the San Diego Data Science and Operation Code: San Diego Meetups. For those taking part in the coding challenge, register at https://pynight.kaizen-ctf.com. At the menu drop down in the upper right of the home page, select the California instance. You can take part in the coding challenges remotely as well as in person in San Diego. A special note. This event is using a challenge set geared towards Data Science tasks. There will be a lot of multi-step math concepts, sorting data, combining data, finding specific types of data in a large file, etc. Many of the new flags will be best solved using the Pandas library. For those taking part in the coding challenge, it's recommended you prepare your local Python installation and libraries accordingly.

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PyNight Hackathon (North County)

San Diego Code School

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