What we're about

This is a group for those who want to reduce stress and fears related to the CoVid-19. Perhaps you are afraid of getting the disease. Perhaps you have fears related to the drops in the stock market. Perhaps you are worried about elderly parents or grandparents who may be isolated or in an Assisted Living or Nursing Home and you can't even visit them. Or perhaps you're concerned about being isolated in your apartment without being able to go to the places you used to consider an integral part of your life. (movies, restaurants, bars, friends etc.) Maybe you have economic concerns about your job. Or your children are at home and they need supervision.

It is a proven fact that stress lowers the immune function. By lowering our stress level we will be healthier and happier. We will be talking and tapping as we support each other and reduce our stress level.

This is a FREE no-obligation weekly educational workshop led by a licensed counselor, Sheila Henry, MFT who has been utilizing EFT with her clients for over 10 years. It will run until the end of April. (longer if necessary.)

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