What we're about

The San Diego Improv Meetup is for anyone interested in fun, playful, interactive games and learning improv.

At this Improv Meetup, we will:
- have fun!
- listen and be present
- build on each other’s ideas
- get out of our heads and let go

We will do the above by playing fun games and by doing improvised scenework!

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Intro to Improv - Improv Games!

Needs a location

This community improv class is for students of all skill levels! Why Improv? Improv helps people: - Listen and be present - Tap into creativity - Be better communicators - Celebrate making mistakes and be kinder to yourself - Relieve stress and anxiety - Be more resilient - Gracefully deal with uncertainty - Collaborate with others more effectively - YES AND in addition to being useful, improv is fun! *Note: please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we are able start class on time. You Will Learn: - Foundation principles of improv (e.g. agreement, YES AND, spontaneity, happy healthy well, being present, eye contact, listening, making your partner look good, accepting mistakes and how they can be gifts, being obvious, have fun!, etc.) - Fun improv games that improve listening skills, teamwork and communication - Improv games that you can teach to your ensemble, team, friends or family! Who Should Attend (audience): - Anyone who wants to try improv, play games and have fun! - Anyone looking to relieve stress and reduce anxiety - Anyone looking for a creativity boost What kinds of people typically attend? A diverse group, typically including: - Actors seeking a playful workout/release - Directors, video editors and writers looking for a creativity boost - Developers / Engineers - Founders and executives - Designers - Product Managers - Health and fitness professionals - Undergraduate students and grad students etc. - All kinds of people come to our classes - we look forward to meeting you :) Class Donations: Donations ($20 to $50 per person) are encouraged. Bring cash or Venmo @jaredpolivka What to Wear: - Workout clothing (athletic shoes, sweatpants/trackpants and t-shirts are recommended) but you can also show up wearing business cashual attire and be just fine. - Shoes you can move in. If you have heels or dress shoes on that inhibit movement, we recommend barefoot. What to Bring: - a full water bottle. - a notebook - you may want to write down games, personal epiphanies and observations. Location: To Be Announced soon... *We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early. Doors lock at 20 minutes past the hour. No one will be admitted after the doors lock. About the Teacher: Jared Polivka A recovering workaholic, Jared Polivka rediscovered his childhood love for storytelling in Rebecca Stockley’s improv class. Jared’s mission is to make great art and serve others while living a light-hearted, joyful, present, empathetic and responsible life. Jared teaches with Erica Anderson (his close friend and improv partner) to spread the joy of storytelling to underrepresented groups. Jared also teaches workshops at organizations to bring out the best in teams. Jared is a graduate of BATS Improv. Jared studied acting at The American Conservatory Theatre and at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Jared currently trains improv with Tim Orr and acting with Richard Seyd.

Intro to Improv - You Are a Storyteller

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Please raise your hand if you are a storyteller. I'll tell you a secret... everyone reading this should all be raising their hands (yes, that means you). This class is for beginners and improvisers of all skill levels. More details coming soon :)

Intro to Improv - Saying Yes

Needs a location

Saying yes is a magic key that moves the scene forward and gets you out of your own way and out of your partners way. In this class, we'll explore ways to say yes in improv and in life. This class is for all skill levels.

Intro to Improv - Playing Characters!

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More info coming soon :) RSVP in the meantime to save your spot in class.

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