What we're about

Ever since my knee injury I started to become more and more interested in getting people together to play the sport I love. For fun and glory, to be casual and competitive. I focus on teamwork.

Currently I run 7 teams.

- 2 Coed on Mondays / Tuesdays (After 5pm)
- Host a practice on Monday nights (8pm)
- 4 Thursday Men's over 30 (After 5pm)
- 1 Friday Men's open age 18+ (After 5pm)
- 1 Saturday Over 40 (Before 12 noon)

I am always seeking players.

It is a great and friendly group of individuals. I seek both male and female players to join a team that plays at the water tower.

I am seeking individuals from all skill levels, since I have a Casual, Average, above average and a competitive team.

If you're in shape or trying to get in shape, if you'd like to hang out with a cool group and maybe grab a beer after. You may fit right in.

Are you competitive? no problem. My team has a nice mix of players that make it very fun to play, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (we all love to win though).

Male or females, all positions. Especially goalies.

This is an indoor league, that plays 6v6.

If interested please contact me.

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