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A meetup for the open minded and free thinkers. Followers of Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Brett Weinstein, Eric Weinstein, Jonathan Heidt, Ben Shapiro, Christina Hoff Summers, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Steven Pinker, and even Joe Rogan!
We meet up a couple times a month and discuss current topics related to the IDW (podcasts, articles, events, books, etc..)

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Rise of Jordan Peterson - Film Premiere- PRE-RELEASE SCREENING!

We have exciting news! Julia and I have been working with the film makers behind a new Jordan Peterson Documentary! (The Rise Of Jordan Peterson). We will be hosting them for San Diego Premiere of the film! The event will start at 6:45 PM on Saturday Oct 19th. See the official event link below. Tickets will be $22 and all proceeds will go towards paying for the venue and hosting the filmmakers in San Diego. Buy tickets here: https://www.ts.today/event_signup?event=4391 Here's the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/475745346606581/ This will be a Pre-Release Screening! So we will get to see the film and meet the filmmakers before the film is released. Afterwards we will have a discussion at a nearby bar.

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IDW San Diego September Meeting

AleSmith Brewing Company

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