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San Diego Machine Learning is an active group with many events. We are machine learning practitioners, students, and enthusiasts who want to get together to share, discuss and try various techniques -- and possibly hack on the occasional challenge. We have a wide range of experience levels with machine learning either through work, school or personal exploration. We currently have a weekly book club, project time, and a mix of other ML webinars. Everyone is welcome!
For more information about our data science talks and ML book club, please visit our GitHub respositories: https://github.com/SanDiegoMachineLearning/talks and https://github.com/SanDiegoMachineLearning/bookclub

Upcoming events (2)

Hands-On Workshop on Training and Using Transformers

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Hands-On Workshop on Training and Using Transformers 2 -- Data and Pretraining

The transformer architecture that is taking over all of machine learning was initially used for NLP. This series will introduce the transformer and use Jupyter notebooks to walk through gathering data, loading models from HuggingFace, training, and fine-tuning transformer models for language tasks. The entire series will take about 4-5 Saturdays in December and January.

Having introduced the transformer architecture in the first session, this session will focus on gathering and loading data, and getting set up to pretrain our transformer model from scratch. Everyone is welcome!


  • 12:00 - 12:10 pm -- Arrival
  • 12:10 - 1:30 pm -- Discussion and questions
  • Time permitting, breakout sessions

Links to notes/slides and videos of prior meetups are available on the SDML GitHub repo https://github.com/SanDiegoMachineLearning/talks


This will be an online meetup until further notice.
Please Note: You must have a Zoom login in order to join the event. A free Zoom account will work. If you get an error message joining the Zoom, please login to your Zoom account and try again.


Join our slack channel for questions and discussion about what's new in ML.

Data Science Project/Competition Collaboration Time

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Come join us for an open discussion about data science projects with experienced practitioners. We may talk about competitions on Kaggle, interview questions, or you can bring another coding issue or project you are working on, and ask questions in a friendly office hours setting. This ask-me-anything session is open to everyone, from beginning learners to seasoned data scientists.

This weekly meetup will be a venue to discuss approaches to machine learning projects, learn data science techniques, and sharpen your coding skills. It is open to all levels.

This will be an online meetup until further notice.

Join our slack channel if you have any questions about the group and to chat about machine learning news.

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