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Welcome beginners, intermediate and advanced photo enthusiasts...


"This exciting class turned my digital camera into an artist's tool! I learned the difference between 'taking a picture' and 'creating art'. ... By taking this workshop Michael will open up a whole new world of photographic possibilities for you, he did me." Troy Garrow, San Diego, CA.


“...Michael was great! 20 years of photography and I learned
more in his two day 'A-Z', and his one day 'All about portraiture' class,
than I had in my previous 20 years of trial and error!"
Rhonda Mazurek, professional photographer, Temecula, CA

Welcome to the exciting world of master photographer Michael Seewald's photography workshops. These are 'too fun' to be called workshops his students say, so they call the 'fun-shops'!. But as fun as they are, they are super informative.

Lessons and gatherings for Beginners , Intermediate, advanced or pros...


From 3 hour classes on 'Intro to your camera' or 'Night photography made simple', and 'How to compose to make award winners' to the all encompassing 'Everything you ever NEEDED to know' (A-Z of both composition and technical). An intense, yet fun, three day class. Either here in San Diego, or Yosemite, or Carmel or Napa-Sonoma.


In the two and three day classes, Michael basically transfers the knowledge gained from his college degree and 40 years of practicing it, all into YOUR brain - no broth, no potatoes, no veggies, just MEAT! (Sorry vegans, meant no offense ;/)

Folks from the other side of the country have heard, word of mouth, that it's worth it to travel across the country for them, and many have!! But you don't have to, he lives here!

"The outdoor part (Days 2 and 3) gives the student real-time feedback and the opportunity to practice getting it right, sometimes using Michael's setup as an example. ...Practical advice about equipment and lighting too."

Eric Yee, advanced photographer.
New York, New York
Weekend class of 9.28-29.'03
and our One Day Portrait class he flew back for later!!!
"...I leaned so much from Seewald's A-Z class, I knew it'd be worth it to come back for the one day portrait class, and it was!" Eric Yee


Here, Michael Seewald's Canal Reflections, Venice, Italy '94 takes 'First Place Color' and 'Best of Show', San Diego Fair Int'l Photo competition, 1996. The image bested over 3,300 world-wide entries (from Russia, New York, Chicago, So. America, etc.)!- You're odds to win? Once every 3,300 years- WOW! UNLESS, that is, you know something most the other photographers don't!!! Like what makes a great composition and how to create it on purpose, as Seewald does time and time again, rather than by accident... which could take forever!

Michael Seewald has been teaching film, and now digital photography classes, since 1985. He's had hundreds of students take their skill level, not just up a notch or two, but right to the top.

These classes are taught with enthusiasm from a master. They are for photographers, and painters, that want to start winning art competitions, be they photographic or painting ones, or just make much stronger 'photo-art' during travel. Maybe you want to start selling or exhibiting your photos, or start making money shooting portraits and weddings, as many of Seewald's students have. But they also are for beginners that have a yearning to learn everything possible in a very short amount of time, and at a very reasonable price.

Your instructor has been winning awards as an artist since childhood, in both painting (since age 13) and photography (1st national award at age 19), and has a degree in it with 40 years of practical knowledge stacked on top of all that.

“... one of my favorite quotes: Someone once said, "Kindness without honesty is sentimentality, and honesty without kindness is cruelty". Michael was kind AND honest when critiquing our photographs ...”

Don Haake, intermediate photographer, Carlsbad, CA,
San Diego class of 2.14-15.’09

Does he really know what he's doing/teaching? Good question, you'll be happy to know your next instructor/friend is the only photographic artist that has won EVERY major local, national and international competition there is in San Diego:

'First Place Color' Museum of Photographic Art's 'Int'l photo competition sponsored by the S.D. Reader

'Best of Show', San Diego International Photo Competition, besting over 3,300 world-wide entries.

'Best of Show' from the San Diego Art Institutes Southern California juried competition, besting hundreds of paintings, sculptures and photos combined, and judged by a sculptor.

Hundreds of first, second and third places in various local art / newspaper and magazine competitions.

"Michael Seewald is amazing to work with! ...the class was so very helpful and surprising to someone like me who 'thought' they had a good eye for composition. He pushes you to the limit of frustration to better bring about the artist in you. At the same time he is fun, generous and kind. And most of all, PATIENT! I am amazed at his graciousness with everyone no matter what the skill level or equipment brought to the class.

His suggestions are never without merit and always helpful. Oh, and his story telling isn't bad either. At the end of the class you will want more and guaranteed you will want to go on at least one trip with him in the future. Very Addictive. Very fun! Very educational!

Thank you Michael for all your generosity!"

D'Arcy Lewis,
Temecula, CA
Class of 5.'06

He has also created the most extensive collection of art portfolios of any photographic artist alive. With over 55 trips, usually a month per place, to various world-wide locations ... from Australia to Iceland, from Portugal to Costa Rica, from India to Molokai, and from Russia to Peru, just to name a few - hey, that rhymes, cool ;/).

And he recently has had a bit of acclaim for all this creating, as he was invited to exhibit his art at a major fine art museum in Kunming, China. Entitled 'Life Elsewhere', he exhibited 50 of his personal favorites from all his travels to date, a tiny selection from the hundreds he's created.

He has been interviewed on many of the local TV 'magazine' programs, been written up in the San Diego Union Tribune , North County Times, Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar Times newspapers, as well as the national fine art photography magazine The Photographers Forum.

"...I learned more in 3 days than
I had in several school classes ...
Tamara Ames, beginner, San Diego, CA.,
Yosemite class of 3.20-23.'09

More info, images of his latest released series, Vietnam, and hundreds of student testimonials, at http://www.seewald.com


Michael Seewald explains his art at the Yuan Xiaocen Art
Museum in Kunming China, May of 2011.

Here Yang Song, the president of the Chinese division of
Audi Car Corp., whom sponsored Michael's exhibition, listens to his explanation of why so many of his images have won awards.

The exhibition, entitled 'Life Elsewhere', featured 50 of Seewald's
favorite pieces, many award winner and 'best sellers'. Behind Michael are a few images from the three previous trips he's made there, the first being in 1987, when the country had just opened to visitors.


Yep, this is for beginners, intermediate,
advanced AND PROS too! Hundreds of testimonies
from all the above levels are on our website: http://www.seewald.com

"I really enjoyed the class and I came out with a lot more value from it than I thought I would. It made me want to use my camera for other uses besides my commercial photography too. It opened the door to the joy of photography ...."

Rick Whitehead,
Professional photographer.
N. San Diego County, Class of 11.'05

Click here to check dozens of testimonies... (http://www.seewald.com/San_diego_digital_photography_workshops_and_courses.htm)

These classes are generally held at our art gallery on the top level of the Del Mar Plaza, in Del Mar.

1555 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar Plaza, suite 312,
Del Mar, CA 92014 / 858.793.3444

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