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Escondido, CA

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Apr 8, 2013


I am a San Diego attorney activist who opposes the drug war against marijuana. I support the mission of NORML and all others working in harmony with this goal. Your active participation in the group is welcome. ewickerlaw.com

Please give your opinion on marijuana prohibition laws in the United States.

Like the prohibition of alcohol, prohibition of marijuana is a costly and failed experiment. Congratulations to Colorado and Washington State. Now is the the time for California to follow their lead.

What experiences or skills do you have to promote the mission of San Diego NORML?

I have 30+ years of experience as an attorney protecting your rights.

What is the most awesome thing to do in San Diego?

Do photo shoots! Aside from protecting civil liberties, portrait photography is my passion. My photography profile is here: http://www.modelmayhem.com/328323