What we're about

A free positive self-empowerment/improvement/management support group (nothing sustains motivation like belonging to a group of people working on similar goals -- "Atomic Habits"). Given the challenging times we live in economically, politically, socially, culturally, and emotionally, our meetings are planned to be uplifting interchanges. We'll be sharing techniques, insights, creativity, and secret hacks from personal experiences in meaningful discussions and brainstorming. Meetings will generally be in small groups, so everyone gets a chance to talk (or pass) in go-a-rounds the table.

Seven benefits could be (depending on what we give and take):

• prep for new self-empowerment

• clarify important decisions

• overcome unreasonable fears

• develop valuable life skills

• enjoy life more with wisdom (Tao)

• learn how to coach for success

• group support with fun and humor

Slogan: "Chosen goals+focused reality+structured action=Satisfying success"

Our connected personal development guide is Life Tech (https://elguide.cc/). This handy condensed knowledge base is a curated collection of well-established ways to improve people skills of communication and relationship as well as self-management of attention, relaxation, goal-setting, decision-making, and other valuable life skills. There is also a personalizable compact playbook for selective awareness to help with decisions, performance, and overall enjoyment at Select Well (https://www.elguides.cc/selectwell.html).

The APAL Foundation Communications Connections (https://elguides.cc/) provides the materials and fees that enable this free support group nexus.

Past events (5)

[ONLINE] Personal Development Whatever

Online event

[ONLINE] Personal Development: Habit Changes

Online event

[ONLINE] Personal Development: Habit Changes

Online event

2020: Lightening Up, Seeing Clearer, Doing Well

North University Community Branch Library

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