What we're about

The purpose of this group is for men wanting to walk the world COURAGEOUSLY and PROUDLY as their true self while bonding as brothers, resulting in:

• Men who better communicate with fellow men,

• Men who can be honest with themselves and others, and

• Men who have earned the respect AND attraction of women (or whatever gender you want to attract).

The true result is a sparkling man that in his own way unique, charming, witting, communicative while being his true self.

How will we do this?

• We will meet (virtually and eventually in person) to see each other eye-to-eye and share our deep challenges and accomplishments.

• We will go through exercises that help exercise our courage in different situations.

• We will learn the power of nature, the unspoken power of masculine - feminine attraction using knowledge as well as exercises

We will have fun, make friends, and share our knowledge and stories with other men locally and nationally!

How will this impact me afterwards?
1. Dating and relationships: attracting the opposite - or same - sex, expressing your desires in a relationship, taking charge and keeping it fun)

2. Walking your desired career path: finding the right job, turning down the wrong job, being able to talk like the winner you currently are and finding the right kind of work for you.

3. Attracting friends you want to attract, while having space to have your own personal life.

4. Balancing family life: taking care of your family with your presence while continuing to live your life passionately.

Your facilitator:

John Paul owns StrongOpenMan and is passionate about empowering men. He believes that an empowered men does not need to climb over people to get on top - he empowers himself which also empowers others. Growing up without a father, he's had to learn what it is like to be a man from various sources since childhood. Books that greatly influenced his growth include: Way of the Superior Man (by David Dieda), Iron John (Rober Bly), No More Mr. Nice Guy (Robert Glover), Rational Male (Rollo Tomassi) and Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man(Clare/Franco/South). He currently runs a management consulting business and coaches men on personal growth, dating and relationships.

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