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Photography 101: Introduction to Photography
Come Join Us! Photography 101 is the intro to photography class that combines the basics of composition with new techniques so that you can become a better photographer! In this class, we'll learn what separates snapshots from great photographs with classroom conversation, PowerPoint examples and hands-on learning. Hands-on Learning Experience This class lasts 2.5 hours and focuses on an in-depth experience of practicing everything you learned in the online lecture. This is where you get the opportunity to apply each concept learned in the class. Your instructor will walk you through practical exercises around: • Proper lighting • Getting away from the “tourist position” • Rule of thirds • Leading lines • Symmetry & repetition • Framing • Zooming in and filling the frame • Shallow depth of field and creating that blurred background effect • Portrait tips • Focusing your camera • and much more This is workshop you don’t want to miss. Get the hands-on learning you need to capture images faster, better and have a lot more fun doing it. After this class: • You will have a better understanding of your goals for learning to become a better photographer. • You will have learned how to better compose your photos and see instant improvements in the photographs you take. • You will have gained a better understanding of using natural and artificial sources of light to your advantage in different lighting situations. • You will know what other classes might be of interest to you in your pursuit of becoming the photographer you want to be. What to Bring to The Class: • Point-and-shoots, compact cameras, or DSLRs. Any camera is appropriate for this class • Fully charged battery • Empty Memory Card • Pen & Paper • Open Mind Ready to Learn

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Welcome to San Diego Photography Classes (Run by (

Why we are different (and better)

-We focus on learning HANDS-ON learning with YOUR equipment so you can take control of your camera and master it with practice.

-We offer many of our courses online in video form (included with purchase of class time) so you can take an in-person course and follow up and review with the online course.

We are committed to:

- Experienced teachers with a background in TEACHING as well as professional photography
- Small class sizes ranging from 6-20 depending on the location and content
- Hands-on learning style with in-class practice
-Professionally organized and presented material with Powerpoints in most cases.
-Online classes available (included with purchase of class time) to supplement in-class learning

Here is your opportunity to go from taking pictures to taking jaw dropping photographs. Whether you are a beginner with a point-n-shoot camera or an advanced amateur with a DSLR camera these are the classes for you.

Rob Andrew, a full time commercial photographer has 10 years of photography and training experience and is offering to teach you how to take better photographs. Our other instructors are experienced teachers with professional photography experience as well, each with their own teaching style and specialty.

There are 10+ different classes available to you that will cover the basics of photography and taking photographs, not pictures. Sign up for a class today because they fill up fast.

Currently available classes and the pricing :

Photography 101: Learning Composition (2 hours) = $40

Photography 102: Mastering Your Camera (3 hours) = $79

Landscape Photography (3 hours) = $69

Taking Great Portraits Outdoors (3 hours) = $89

Understanding Flash Photography (3 hours) = $69

Photo Editing with Adobe Lightroom (3 hours) = $69

Photoshop Basics (3 hours) = $69

Product Photography Basics (3 hours) = $99

Studio Portraiture (4 hours) = $99

On-Location Portrait Lighting (4 hours) = $99

OCF hands on workshop (4 hours) = $129

To RSVP for a class just go the calendar and select the class you want to attend and click on the red button "Count me in" then follow through with the payment.

****Because we will hold your seat from the moment of booking and commit the instructor to be on site with you, all sales are final. If we need to cancel or postpone a class due to under enrollment or weather we will issue you full credit for a future class of equal value.

Have questions? Call us at (619) 618-2067

You can purchase gift certificates here for loved ones and friends here!

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