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Meet & Critique | Topic: Action & Motion Photography *FREE*

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This meetup is geared toward improving your photography with honest, constructive criticism, while enjoying a night at the studio with fellow photographers. Each forum will start with a brief 30 minute lecture and discussion of one photographic topic in addition to the critique section. This topic will be about Action & Motion Photography in general. If you have questions or concerns about how to capture a particular action/motion effectively, camera settings for different action situations, or any other question related to action & motion photography, this is the meetup for you. We will take some open discussion and open Q&A on this before moving on to critiques.

After this- participants will have a chance to get their work critiqued by professional photographer Jason Kirby. Peer input will also be given. This is a very fast way to learn the ins and outs of what makes a good photo.

We are limiting the group to 40 people and names of select, {brave} attendees will be drawn from a hat to have their work critiqued. You will need to provide a website link, flash drive, or Flickr account etc. for us to look through and critique on the fly. Please limit to 5-15 of your best images only, preferably from one session, but it is up to you on what you want critiqued. We will draw at least 6-10 names, possibly more, spending 5-15 minutes per person. Not all attendees are required to enter their name for critique, spectators are welcome as well. If you don't get critiqued during class we will follow up with an online critique. We are experimenting with a low cost, two hour format but will consider staying late to get some additional critiques in for those that wish to stay longer. Feel free to BYOB or just hang out and have a good time.

Rules-If you're brave enough to get critiqued, you are not allowed to take it personally. We don't want to hurt your feelings but we do want to give you a brutally honest critique and help you learn!You are not allowed to defend your photo or give a back story/explanation until your photo is done being critiqued by the instructors and class.You don't have to bring portraits, we will critique all types of photography. Again, please edit down to just a collection of your best work or your photo website. 5-15 images per person or less.Have your photos in JPEG format ready to be viewed on a Plasma 42" screen. SD cards are ideal, and laptops can be hooked up via HDMI only.

This meetup is largely geared toward photographers becoming more serious about building a portfolio. I am looking forward to chatting with all of you, seeing some of your work, and doing my best to help you out with some input!

The class is FREE! Please take advantage!