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Join me for Qigong on the oceanfront in Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. This is a beautiful and highly scientific energy movement protocol developed to gain awareness of and expand the Life Force energy (qi prnounced "chee" or "key") surrounding and within us. I received the Tao Yin Fa-Qigong teaching directly from my teacher Fabien Maman (Tama-Do Academy). The practice focuses on tonifying the organs and field through awareness, breath, sound and color - as identified by the ancient Chinese masters.

You will feel energized, fresh and centered as you increase awareness of oneness with Universe ... ready to take on a busyness of life in the city.

All levels of experience are welcome. Donations are appreciated.

I am a certified Tao Yin Fa Qigong Practitioner, creator of the "Hollywood Qigong Meetup" in Los Angeles' Griffith Park (150 members strong!) and neighborhood Sound and Color Practitioner. Graduate of the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement.

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Tao Yin Fa-Qigong @ Palisades Park in PB

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