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Getting Started With Crime Analysis

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This meeting will present some of the crime data in the Data Library's collection ( and how to get started creating maps and charts using Python and the open source GIS tool QGIS.

We will be looking at datasets that cover:

* 6 years worth of detailed crime incident records
* A recent data set with both victim and offender information
* Police traffic stops
* Mapping

We will discuss some important considerations in crime analysis, such as:

* How crime depends on time and location
* How to distinguish crimes committed by resident populations from transient populations, such as bar patrons
* Issues related to geographic analysis, such as the Modifiable Area Problem.

We will be doing most of the work in Google Colaboratory, so you can follow along, or in QGIS, which you can download and install from

(This meeting is co-hosted with Data Science for Non Profits)
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