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Survival Self Defense
Beginners will learn about the Human Weapons and how to employ them properly against Targets by matching Hard vs Soft and Soft vs Hard. This is a safe practice environment in which we study prowess and violence. As safe survival is the goal, we will practice safely.

Ruocco Park

585 Harbor Ln · San Diego, ca

What we're about

Join us for some of the most safe and effective (not to mention fun) self defense training in San Diego! Join us if you are of ANY age (18 or over), experience, or physical fitness level and want to learn effective, realistic principles of personal protection in a relaxed, NONCOMPETITIVE, stress-free environment. San Soo is not a martial art, but a cooperative training methodology for honing the innate killer instincts we all have that can give us the edge we need to survive an unexpected and unavoidable violent encounter. This is not training for the sake of competition or for show, this is training to do the dirty work of a bullet with your bare hands when there are absolutely NO other options available for saving your life. If you can think and move, you can cause injury to any other human being, even one who is bigger, faster, and stronger than you, armed to the teeth, and dead set on doing you harm. You do NOT have to "compete" with your would-be murderer in a life-or-death situation, all you have to do is DESTROY. Join this group if you want to learn how!

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