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Can't imagine dragging your ass out of bed Monday through Friday without Stephanie Miller and the Mooks getting your day off to a hilarious start? Then this Meet-Up is for you-- our name is an "homage" to Stephanie Miller's "Sexy Liberals Comedy Tour," which she and her fellow comedians have brought to America's finest cities since its inception in 2011.

Those of us who appreciate Stephanie's special Breakfast Blend of political humor, fart jokes, sassy interviews with politicians, movie stars, comedians, and columnists, and all-around good fun are a special breed. Wouldn't you love to meet other San Diegans who regularly snort coffee out of their noses due to some hilarity uttered by Stephanie, Jim, Chris, the Rude Pundit, Hal Sparks, John Fugelsang, or regular guests Alan Grayson or Karl Frisch?

I started this Meet-Up because I love to laugh, and I also care greatly about the issues affecting our world. Although I've learned to either hold my tongue or argue dispassionately with all the omnipresent SD conservatrons MOST of the time, I'd love to meet more San Diegans who share not only my political sensibilities, but even more importantly, my zest for life and INSATIABLE sense of humor! With the upcoming 2012 elections, we're gonna need all the support and laughter we can muster, so c'mon sexy people,

U-N-I-T-E !!!

And BTW, who really cares how you define yourself? If your sense of humor and political sensibilities align with radio hosts Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, and/or Mike Malloy (although he CAN be quite the downer!), or TV hosts Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Bill Mahr, Stephen Colbert, and/or Jon Stewart, you really oughta think about joining SD Sexy Libs, whether you call yourself Liberal, Progressive, Independent, or hell, even Conservative! If you like Stephanie Miller and Gang, you can't be ALL bad! : D

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