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October 25/ 2017 and after spending some months away from trying to build a community of skaters from multiple disciplines over the past 2 years, I’ve decided to change the Club towards the direction of a Skate Park community of skateboard skaters if others want to roll Park who are currently in the club or want to join.

If any member wants to promote a Longboard or Skateboard activity or event, they are more than welcome to facilitate that and please contact me so I can put the details out to our other members.

I’ve personally been skateboarding at Poway Skate Park twice a week to prepare for the New Skateboard Park coming (November 2017 according to current schedule) in Linda Vista which is about 10 minutes from my home. Longboarding distance and Sliding downhill are still activities I pursue on my own, however scheduling for these disciplines became problematic for my schedule. But with Park skating I’m doing it whether anyone wants to participate or not, and usually run into people who I get to know at the Skate Park location, so whether anyone from the club shows up or not, I still have fun watching or rolling with others.

Even though my style (Concrete Surfer) stays grounded to the Park surface, I’ve been progressing past anything I thought was possible for my ability (59 years strong) and the challenge of transitions and walls brings me joy and happiness as I get me some... Hope to see others from the club and or new members sometime down the road at the Parks I attend... i will be posting my sessions which at this point are on Monday and Thursday mornings for 3 hours. If at some point it evolves to a regular group, then I will try and put together some skate cross racing (pro track at YMCA or converted bmx track for Longboard Skateboard Racing). But for now I absolutely look forward to hitting Park and when friends have the time I’m always down to check out new locations which I will begin to invite members to join with event postings.

If you want to learn to roll Skate Parks feel free to contact me; Michel 619-797-0018 and I’ll answer your questions and have numerous complete Skateboards to let you use with some pads and or helmet if ya want protection. I’m just a Beginner but I’ve had some awesome instuction from an Expert Skater and Instructor, so I’ll be more than happy to share anything that I’ve learned to help you at the Park.

Finishing with what some might have noticed the title of Preacher on this Site, so I'll get that topic out of the way by saying this; "Yes I'm a believer and follower of God's Son Jesus Christ and that has allowed me to have a relationship with God. But my agenda with other people is to represent a character of his Love. It's not my job to talk anyone into anything. In reality, I'm just a messenger to those who would be interested, in receiving their inheritance from the Lord and would ask me about this.

If a person can treat others with respect, then they are welcome to participate in this Club, regardless of their personal beliefs. This is a Skateboard Club, and having fun rolling and making friends is why I'm involved. Thanks for the visit, and I hope to do some rolling with ya...

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