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This is a group for anyone interested in using the game-changing big data technology Snowflake. The group will focus mainly on topics for data professionals but its really for anyone who wants to have a scalable data-driven business as well.

Snowflake major differences:
1. Pay for what you use
2. Elastic. Separate Compute from Compute and Storage (no concurrency issues)
3. Zero Copy Clone and Time Travel (never have to deal with backups)
4. JSON Integration
5. LOW Maintenance (no indexing, vacuuming, optimizing, etc.)
Built in Security, Meta Data
*Data Sharing.
Snowflake combines semi-structured (JSON, Avro, XML) and structured data together in one environment, that easily scales up (or down) on demand within seconds or minutes. If you are facing challenges with a traditional data warehouses, a complex data pipeline, or are just tired of the complexity of Hadoop then this is a technology you should learn about. I started this group to inform others on how this revolutionizes big data and cloud data warehouses at an entirely different level than I've ever seen before in my 20+ years in building data-driven systems and businesses.

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