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Do you have a strong inner desire to spread love and light on earth? Do you feel you have a mission to help humanity and the planet but your not quite sure what it is? Would you like to get in touch with your higher self by developing your intuition. If so this group is for you! We are a community who is devoted to spiritual awakening and growth. Soul Astronauts are Lightworker's and explorers of everything mystical and they come from all walks of life. We are a diverse community. Our mission is to share knowledge and support one another in our inner spiritual growth. Our meet ups will be covering all aspects of psychic development, mediumship, afterlife, channeling, energy healing, consciousness, life purpose, past-life, sacred geometry, and other philosophical beliefs, We want to share resources, a great book, a great teacher, a video on a topic like spirit, the soul, mysticism, paranormal or psychic phenomena, metaphysics, the nature of reality and consciousness, ancient myths and traditions, quantum physics, the mysteries of the universe, unexplained phenomena, we share it all here through group classes and discussions. and much more.

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Psychic Development Circle Biweekly

Needs a location

"Spirit Linking" Workshop with Aussie Mediums

Darcy's House by the Beach


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