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This is a meetup for anyone in the San Diego area that would like to learn more about Theory U and how to apply it to create meaningful change in the world.

We will be taking the following free course together in September:


U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self
Co-sense and co-shape the emerging future.

This course puts you into the driver’s seat of innovation and change. You will learn the basics of Theory U, a process for connecting to the more authentic aspects of who we are individually and collectively, and apply it to the issues and systems that matter most to you.

As a change method, Theory U has been practiced for nearly two decades by action researchers at MIT and leaders at all levels of business, government, and civil society around the world. Theory U helps change makers see below the surface of today’s environmental, social, and spiritual-cultural challenges, identify the root issues that cause them, and create solutions from a place of deeper awareness.

U.Lab is a different type of MOOC than you may have experienced before. We intentionally push the boundaries of MOOC design by (1) creating a highly personal, practical, and mindful online learning environment (2) blending it with an eco-system of place-based learning communities and peer coaching groups, and (3) hosting real-time live classroom sessions throughout the course.

Each week, you will:

Engage in personal reflection
Go out into the world and apply a specific, practical co-sensing method
Meet in a coaching circle with four fellow U.Lab participants
Be introduced to a mindfulness practice
And during four of the weeks, you will join live streamed classes in which the global eco-system of participants comes together to learn in real time
In the first run of this course (January 2015), these combined elements resulted in a learning experience that over a third of our participants reported as “life changing.” Throughout U.Lab, you will have ample opportunity to deepen your self-knowledge, develop new skills, form new relationships, and prototype the future that you sense is wanting to emerge.

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