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Do you spend significant portions of your life poring through The Charley Project, listening to true crime podcasts, and binging on murder documentaries on Netflix? Are you obsessed with criminal pathology and find yourself low-key profiling everyone you meet and know? Do you often feel sorely misunderstood by friends and loved ones for being a total creep who spends way too much time talking about serial killers? If so, then this is the group for you!

We will meet regularly to discuss topics such as abductions, disappearances, serial killers, homicide, and more. The format will be loosely structured to allow for open discourse and exchange of theories/ideas. There will also be other types of activities - i.e. movie/documentary screenings, museum exhibits, book exchanges, true crime-related events, meals & happy hours! Let's get all of us like-minded weirdos together and have a great time.

NOTE: Events will primarily be held in central SD (Hillcrest/North Park/University Heights), but we will venture out farther for other event opportunities as they come up!

Upcoming events (1)

Crime Junkie Podcast Live

Balboa Theatre

From the event page: "You’ve said it before: Crime Junkie feels like you are sitting in a room with your best friends Ashley & Brit talking about true crime. Now is your chance to do that for real! For four days only, Ashley & Brit are bringing you a never before told case. You’ll get to analyze the facts an evidence with Ashley and yell 'Wait, What?!' right along with Brit. Get ready to experience your favorite chart topping podcast 'Crime Junkie' in a whole new way!" The event starts at 8PM, but let's meet up earlier and grab some drinks/snacks in downtown before we go inside. Please RSVP if you'd like to attend. I'll reach out to interested folks a few weeks out with additional info! Tickets range from $31-$97 (but let's keep it cheap) Link: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/0A0056EAB0ED1D4A?dma_id=381

Past events (3)

Suds & Science: "Forensic Science and the CSI Effect"

Stone Brewing World Garden & Bistro

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