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San Diego Underwater Hockey practice at FIT Athletic Club
Bring a towel and a swim suit and we will provide all the other equipment you need and get ready to have fun! The game begins at 4 p.m. I'll be there at 3:30 to assist with your gear and get you practicing with the puck on the pool bottom. We usually have ten or more players so please stop by even if there are few RSVPs here in Meet Up. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, John: [masked].

FIT Athletic Club

12171 World Trade Center Drive · San Diego, CA

What we're about

The San Diego Sea Dragon Underwater Hockey Club playing at practice in July 2016:

A San Diego Fox Sports #SDlive video feature on the club:

World class players engaging in high level play:

We are an underwater hockey club playing the sport of underwater hockey in a leisurely, non-competitive setting.

There is no coach, drills, or try-outs.
We want to have fun, exercise, socialize and play. Just show up and have fun!

Underwater hockey is a co-ed, non-contact sport played in a pool. There is no fighting or rough, violent play like in ice hockey. Players from age 7 to 70 have played underwater hockey.

A player wears a mask, snorkel, fins/flippers, a glove and holds a 12 inch wooden stick.

The puck weighs 3 pounds and is coated in plastic so that the puck can slide quickly along the pool bottom. Imagine table air hockey but at the bottom of a pool!

There are 6 players on each team, 3 forwards and 3 defense. There is no goalie.

Players hold their breath and dive about 5-6 feet to the pool bottom. Players push, pull, pass, and shoot the puck around to their teammates while strategically timing their dives and positioning to score goals.

The goal is a 9 foot metal trough that players must shoot or push the puck into. The goal has a small lip/ramp for the puck to slide up and into. A player can also shoot the puck into the goal by shooting the puck into the goal with a flick of the wrist (like a wrist shot in ice hockey).

Play begins with "the strike." The puck is placed at the pool's center, halfway between each team. Each team holds the pool wall and when the referee indicates, "Go," both teams swim as fast as they can to get the puck.

There are many reasons to try underwater hockey. Maybe you want to try something completely different.

Maybe you are looking for a fun activity to burn calories. Maybe you swim, dive, snorkel, or scuba dive and you are looking for more fun.

Maybe you want to meet new people, make connections in San Diego.

Maybe you love to travel and are interested in participating in the many exciting underwater hockey tournaments around the USA and the world!

Regardless, you won't know until you come try it out for yourself! See you under the water!

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