What we're about

Come on out and join us on the beach! This group is dedicated to making friends and sharing our love of volleyball. We welcome all players who are at least at an intermediate level. If you're not at least at an intermediate level, you may be removed from the courts. These aren't ultra-serious games, but fun and competitive games for at least intermediate players. We meet on a weekly basis to raise funds for a variety of causes, local, national, and global. It's free to play, though we appreciate donations!

We play by the official FIVB rules (with a couple of exceptions). Please make sure you're familiar with them. Those rules can be found here:


And the FIVB casebook can be found here:


For those who want to donate via venmo, please visit Venmo (https://venmo.com/) and search for @Michaelsmith99. Please be sure to note the name of the week's charity or San Diego Volleyball for a Cause when you donate. All your support is greatly appreciated!

You are an intermediate player if you can:

-consistently get a legal serve into the opponent's side of the court

-consistently return a serve with a legal pass to your setter

-consistently attack the ball into the opponent's side of the court when you're set

If you're unable to do all three of these, there are plenty of other groups for beginners that play in San Diego where you can improve your skills to that of an intermediate level.

Upcoming events (1)

Saturday 4s Intermediate Beach Volleyball for the SD Regional Disaster Fund

We are moving forward with SLOWLY resuming this Meetup group. Please stay home if you're not feeling well and please bring hand sanitizer with you if you sign up for this meetup. This event is not for beginner beach volleyball players. You need to be at least at an intermediate skill level. We play by FIVB rules (with some minor changes). We will set up nets near Devon Ct and Dover Ct (a bit closer to the roller coaster - farther north - than the usual place). This is a free event, but it is also a fundraiser, so please consider bringing cash or you can Venmo the group by giving to @michaelsmith99.

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