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Fiesta Island Whippet Play Date
Fiesta Island is doggie paradise! Every time we get the Whippets together, they have a blast, chasing each other, playing fetch and swimming. Check out our photo album for photos from some pasts Whippet play date at Fiesta Island. WHAT TO BRING: We recommend bringing a bag or backpack that's stocked with water, poop bags, collar & leash, treats, a favorite ball or Frisbee, and a towel. For the humans, sunglasses and sunscreen is recommended. IMPORTANT: Only bring your dog if s/he comes when called and knows to stay near you. Fiesta Island is a huge, open space. Usually the Whippets play as a pack and stay close to the group. However, it would be easy for a Whippet to run out of our line of sight or out of ear shot. It's important that you are comfortable with controlling your dog in wide, open spaces. DIRECTIONS: The off-leash dog park is on the southwest side of Fiesta Island. We'll meet on the beach next to the floating boat dock. Click here for a larger map ( (props to San Diego Corgi Meetup for making such a nice map!)

Fiesta Island Dog Park

Fiesta Island Rd @32.777620, -117.222830 Mission Bay · San Diego, CA