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Fiesta Island Whippet Play Date
Fiesta Island is doggie paradise! Every time we get the Whippets together, they have a blast, chasing each other, playing fetch and swimming. Check out our photo album for photos from some pasts Whippet play date at Fiesta Island. WHAT TO BRING: We recommend bringing a bag or backpack that's stocked with water, poop bags, collar & leash, treats, a favorite ball or Frisbee, and a towel. For the humans, sunglasses and sunscreen is recommended. IMPORTANT: Only bring your dog if s/he comes when called and knows to stay near you. Fiesta Island is a huge, open space. Usually the Whippets play as a pack and stay close to the group. However, it would be easy for a Whippet to run out of our line of sight or out of ear shot. It's important that you are comfortable with controlling your dog in wide, open spaces. DIRECTIONS: The off-leash dog park is on the southwest side of Fiesta Island. We'll meet on the beach next to the floating boat dock. Click here for a larger map ( (props to San Diego Corgi Meetup for making such a nice map!)

Fiesta Island Dog Park

Fiesta Island Rd @32.777620, -117.222830 Mission Bay · San Diego, CA

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Hi! I'm Hayden, a Whippet, and I'm always the fastest dog at the park. I like to meet other Whippets so we can chase each other and wrestle, so my mom Amber organized this Meetup for me! We like to get together the first Sunday of every month at Fiesta Island. Whether we have four Whippets or fourteen, we always have a great time! Plus mom gets a nice walk on the beach, so she says she has fun, too. Mom tells me a lot of folks consider it impolite to growl and bark while playing and that sometimes I accidentally scare other dogs when I catch them in a chase, but that's just how us Whippets play! That's another reason why I love to play with other Whippets - no drama, just loud, noisy fun! Oh, mom wants me to tell you that the Membership Dues go directly to Meetup to pay for the bi-annual fee that Meetup charges to have this awesome website. Anyway, if you have a Whippet, I hope you can join us!

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