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3 Essential Leadership Skills to Grow Your Business

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Why do people go into business for themselves?

Frequently, it is because we get some idea planted in our heads that we're good at something and could make more money if we strike out on our own. We're tired of spending all of our effort working for "the Man". We dream of being able to set our own hours and still make the money to do the things we want to in life. We start a business, or become a franchisee of a company and everything feels first. We get the basics set up, a web site, some business cards, a bank account, a storefront, and we start letting people know that we're open for business. We get some customers, and we treat them like royalty. They appreciate the quality of our service and spread the word that we know what we're doing. Eventually, we're so busy that we don't know what time or day of the week it is. We don't have any time for the things we said we'd do. Our new business is more of a drain on us than working for "the Man" ever was.

If this is you, then you've reached a critical time in the life of your business. If it is going to succeed, certain leadership principles are going to have to come to the forefront and carry through. The business has reached a critical mass where one person can't do it alone. Continuing to try will damage the business because your customers will no longer get your best efforts. This is the point where you must step up and become the leader of your business and of yourself. Gary Cameron, owner of Cameron Leadership LLC, http://cameronleadership.netwill share with us how to do this.