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What we’re about

Calling all veggie loving foodies!!  This group is for anyone interested in attending a supper club dinner or hosting your own.  

Whether you have the skills of a professional chef and want to create a pop-up restaurant/underground dining experience or have some tasty recipes you'd like to serve at your dining table; this meet-up unites you with those who love to eat, make new friends and enjoy an evening trying something new.

 I will kick off the supper club experience by hosting Sunday evening 5-course vegan dinner parties in my North Park condo.  I have a passion for healthy eating and my style goes way beyond tofu, mock meats and oil based faux cheeses.

Hosts should ask for donations that will cover the cost of food as well as their time and effort.  Guests should be prepared to pay through PayPal (pre-paying keeps the flake-factor in check)....or cash if the host prefers.  And that's it!  Let's eat, drink and be merry.  Cheers!