What we're about

Do you like to help people?

Have you started the book, Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health and wanted to use it to help others?

Or have you trained formally as a Dianetics counselor?

Would you like to help the people around you overcome traumatic experiences?

Do you want to help people become well and happy?

Then this group is for you.

Our meet ups will cover vital knowledge and skills that can help you to do that.

We will meet at the Church of Scientology in the Sunset District of San Francisco where I work as a volunteer.

You will meet others who use Dianetics to help people.

You will also see all materials written on the use of Dianetics since the original book was published. (L.Ron Hubbard continued his research for 35 years after Dianetics was written and you will be able to see all of that.)

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How to Help People Recover from Trauma

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How to Use Dianetics To Handle Traumatic Experiences

Church of Scientology Mission of San Francisco