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Define Bakchod: One who talks meaningless to create meaningful friendships.

Do you always think that you should get out on every Saturday evening and do meaningless things in SF and then come home when you feel like? Many do. What's stopping? We know the answer. It's difficulty in finding couple of people who want to do the same and they willing to spend time with you. Let's get out. Be funny. Let's not judge anyone. Be crazy. Let's poke fun of each other. Let's waste Saturday evenings.

We usually meet near Union Square and then walk to nearby restaurants for dinner. Everyone orders veg, vegan or non veg food as per their like. Many of us usually bring cash or pay someone using Paypal.

We then head to any nearby bars, pubs or clubs to hangout. We then request everyone to drink as much soft or hard drinks as they want while still being responsible. Drinking is optional.

As soon as members get a call from their comfy bed in expensive small rooms, they open their Uber (or Lyft) app and wait for surge to cool down.

We sometimes start early at 6 PM and go for movies with 7+ imdb rating.

Members all the time inform everyone if they see something interesting happening in SF on a Saturday evening. We try to honor as much personal preferences as we hear.

While going home everyone feels happy that they had a good time and promises themselves that they will hangout next Saturday too.

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