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Hi All Hebrew Speakers !!!

Although I am a native US born citizen, I lived in Israel for 7 years and find very few opportunities to use my Hebrew language skills. It would be great to connect with others with the same interest and do some fun and interesting things together. I am wide open to demographics, location, what we do, etc ... so let's see how many are interested and we'll take it from there !

However, I think that I should indicate that I am probably about 75-80% fluent and a limited & rusty vocabulary and hope to find others close to (above OR below) my level. I don't intend this to be a starters group to learn to read or speak Hebrew, but to actually engage in fluent (although maybe sometimes broken) conversation. I tend to get frustrated in a native Israeli social setting where the Hebrew level is usually over my head. But Israelis are MORE THAN welcome if they can be sensitive and tolerant to help others develop at a lower level of fluency.

I envision small groups, maybe 5-10 and if more people are interested at different levels, we can let the group grow and evolve with different Hebrew speaking levels or different types of activities. While not intended as a profitable venture, please be prepared to contribute $5 to cover costs of operating the meeting and miscellaneous expenses that may come up.

We can meet in someone's living room, at a quiet bar, or do any other fun activities to talk about current events, politics and maybe even have speakers from time to time. I personally am not interested in loud bar or dancing type of social activities since it is hard to hear and improve my Hebrew. There is a singles Hebrew speakers group that seems to do more of that.

L'hitraot !


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