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A place for Skippers and Crew to "Meetup" and share a safe, enjoyable day on the water while practicing sailing skills and learning more about boats, sailing and the sea.

If you have taken a small boat sailing or basic keel-boat class and would like to get some experience actually working a sailboat on the Bay, then this Meetup group is for you. Don't be offended by being called a Newbie, sharing our love of sailing is what we enjoy most.

While it should not need to be said, please know that everyone is welcome here. Being chosen for an event is completely based on order of sign-up and confirmation.

When you sign up for an event, you must be serious about attending. You may not sign up as "something that you might like to do" and then decide at the last minute that you would rather do something else. With other Meetup groups this might be totally acceptable. But here if you take a spot, that someone else would have gladly filled, and don't show up, you have deprived someone else of the opportunity to enjoy a day on the Bay - so you will be removed from the group (even if you have paid for the event).

Oh, and if you act creepy, or make other members uncomfortable, you are out, period. No appeal. If you feel that someone is acting inappropriately, please let me (or Meetup) know.

Yes, we charge for most events. If you think that we make a profit, you are bad at math. The small donations towards expenses that you make do not come close to paying the substantial costs involves in operating and maintaining the boats, but they certainly help and they make doing what we do possible. If you bail on an event at the last minute please do not expect a refund, unless we are able to fill your seat.

Always answer the contact information questions when you sign up or you will not be considered and we cannot confirm your reservation.

Lastly, please keep coming back to the site to check and see if you have been selected to attend. If you have been selected you will receive further information on who, what, when and where. But if you have not been selected, you will not be contacted at all. It would be great if we could do this, but it is everything that we can do just to organize the event and keep the attendees informed. Thank you for your understanding on this one.

Notice: Please be aware that while the State of California may view possession of Marijuana as legal, the United States Government and the U.S. Coast Guard does not. You may not bring marijuana (or any other illegal drugs) onto our vessels. This is not debatable.

Be assured that the Captains that participate in this Meetup Group are Licensed by the United States Coast Guard which involves extensive training and many years of experience. The boats are well maintained and equipped and we all carry commercial insurance. This is very different than all the other groups who do not have licensed Captains, nor the proper insurance (although many of these people do describe themselves as "Captains"). If anyone asks you for money to attend a sailing event, ask to see their USCG Captain's license.

We put an emphasis on safety here, but we do want you to have an enjoyable time as well. So, please do understand that we will ask you to wear a life jacket (they are brand new and comfortable), but do come ready to have a great time. Thank you.

OK. Let's go sailing and have some fun.

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"Field Day" on Stella in Sausalito

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Sunny Sail from Sausalito on Black Friday

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Sail from Sausalito on Saturday, November 16th

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