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Welcome to the group. We’re excited to bring you the latest happenings in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Big Data.

Who are we? We’re H2O.ai (https://www.h2o.ai/), creators of the world’s leading open source deep learning and machine learning platform, used by hundreds of thousands of data scientists and 15,000+ organizations around the world.

Our goal is to congregate with data enthusiasts from all over San Francisco and discuss trending topics in the world of AI. We also regularly invite esteemed industry influencers and thought leaders who talk shop on all things data science.

Sound like a good time? Get your feet wet with H2O beforehand by downloading H2O (http://www.h2o.ai/download/?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=sanfrancisco_meetup_download_page&utm_medium=meetup_description) from our website.

Already a rainmaker (H2O power user) or have questions? Please visit our StackOverflow page. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/h2o)

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Future-proof your Career: Expert Panel Discussion on Opportunities in AI

Hello Makers! Join us this evening to discuss opportunities in AI! 6 - 6:30 PM - Doors open and pizza 6:30 - 7:30 PM - Panel discussioin 7:15 - 8:00 PM - Q&A and Networking We are excited to kick off the new year with an expert panel discussion in partnership with H20.ai that will answer all your burning questions on latest job trends and career opportunities in AI. The latest World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs report says, while new technologies can drive business growth, job creation and demand for specialized skills, they can also displace entire job categories when certain tasks become obsolete or automated. WEF analysis has found extensive evidence of accelerating demand for a variety of new specialist roles to latest emerging technologies: AI and Machine Learning Specialists, User Experience and Human-Machine Interaction Designers, Robotics Engineers and others. While, KPMG says the top 5 new jobs in AI are AI Architect, AI Product Manager, Data Scientist, AI Technology Software Engineer, and AI Ethicist. This changing landscape makes it critical for professionals to future-proof their skills to take advantage of these new opportunities in AI. So we have invited a group of brilliant AI professionals from Amazon, Intel and other leading global organizations to share their insights on: 1) New types of jobs, career paths and opportunities in AI 2) Skills you need to be successful in this new AI age 3) Useful tips on how to land your next opportunity in this space P.S. - Do remember to book your tickets to H2O World at world.h2o.ai.

H2O World 2019 San Francisco

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Hello Makers! We're headed back home to host our first H2O World San Francisco! Join the greatest minds in AI and data science for this 2-day interactive event packed with deep-dive technical sessions, talks on real-world business use cases and a hands-on training. You'll discover the strategies and insights you need to optimize and transform your business and prepare for the wave of AI. H2O World San Francisco is a must-attend event whether you're a newbie getting your toes wet, or an H2O power user. You'll get to network with industry trailblazers and connect with your peers who are shaping the future of AI and machine learning. Following is the agenda for the conference: February 4, 2019 This day will be a hands-on training of our groundbreaking products, H2O Driverless AI, H2O-3 and Sparkling Water. Join your fellow data scientists, developers and engineers in this technical deep-dive of H2O. February 5, 2019 The conference will feature talks and technical sessions from all walks of our community: Makers, Industry Leaders, Data Scientists, Kaggle Grandmasters, and machine learning enthusiasts alike. We have a number of panels to fill your data science appetite including Women in Data Science and Inclusion and Meet the Kaggle Grandmasters. The day culminates with a reception including our infamous H2O themed cocktails, DJ and a book signing. Space is limited so be sure to register early to save your seat at the AI education destination of the year. Register here: world.h2o.ai To get a discounted ticket, please use discount code MEETUP50 on our general admission tickets to get a discount! Note: RSVP'ing on this meetup page doesn't account for your ticket to H2O World 2019. Please visit the official website at world.h2o.ai and save a spot!

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