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One day if I do go to heaven--I'll look around and say,
'It ain't bad, but it ain't San Francisco."--Herb Caen

The ocean, the bay, and all that's in between. Impressive hills, hidden staircases, picturesque neighborhoods, historic architecture, awe-inspiring views, nature in the city, local history, colorful characters... Let's explore it all together!

This group is about meeting new people, getting a little exercise, and enjoying our beautiful city. All walks are free.

Late cancellations and no-shows are unkind. We take attendance and we enforce our policies. WE WILL REMOVE PEOPLE FOR FLAKING and this could be your only warning. Be sure to check out important information under PAGES in the white menu bar that goes across the screen including:

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Our guides are volunteers with no special training or qualifications. Think of them as friends showing you around a place that they enjoy. They are not responsible for your safety or actions or anyone else’s. Participating in San Francisco City Steps is entirely voluntary and you are responsible for your own safety. When you RSVP yes for any City Steps walk, you are confirming that you understand and accept the risks, dangers and hazards of any outdoor activity and you are releasing and discharging the City Steps organizer and guides (including assistant organizers and hosts) against any liability that arises from your participation in our group or its activities.

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Emeryville's Greenways & Waterfront Vistas (Easy/Flat)

Needs a location

MEETING & ENDING POINT-- We will meet in front of the Ashby BART Station in Berkeley at 10:15 am and we start walking at 10:30 am sharp. We'll end at the starting point by 2:00 or 2:30 pm. TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS-- If coming from San Francisco via BART you will have to change trains at MacArthur Station. You can also take the F-Express bus from San Francisco. This will drop you on Adeline Street above the BART station. Cross the street and go down one level to the entry to BART (facing the parking lot), which is where we will meet. THE ROUTE-- This is a flat 7.5-mile walk that takes us through a small slice of residential Berkeley, along Emeryville's greenways, and then around the Emeryville marina and waterfront which offers a pretty view of San Francisco. There will be one bathroom/beverage stop during the first half of the walk. ATTENDANCE POLICY-- This group does not accommodate no-shows or crashers. Don't do it. City Steppers who no-show or late cancel can be removed from the group without warning. Attendance policy here (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Attendance_Policy_%28No-Shows_and_Cancellations%29). DOGS WELCOME-- This is a great walk for dogs on leash. Check our doggie guest rules here: (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Doggie_Guest_Rules/) LIABILITY & SAFETY-- You are responsible for your own safety on all City Steps walks. Your yes RSVP confirms that you have read and agree to our Liability Waiver Here (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Liability_Disclaimer_and_Waiver/) and Safety Tips Here (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Safety_Tips/). WEATHER CHECK-- We will cancel for rain or heavy wind, so check this site first thing in the morning if the weather looks iffy.

THE PRESIDIO: One park, Four Goldsworthy's (with food trucks to follow)

April 7 is one of the first Off-The Grid Presidio Picnics of the year (it takes the winter off). City Steppers looking for a full day of fun can combine this event with one of my favorite San Francisco walks. The Presidio is a wonderful national park, smack dab in the middle of the city. The artist Andrew Goldsworthy, who also created the sculpture outside the De Young museum, has created four site-specific pieces for the Presidio. WE START WALKING AT 9:45 AM SHARP. We'll meet at the TRANSIT CENTER (restrooms) near the Main Post. Please arrive a few minutes early to check in and use the facilities. Our first stop will be the installation TREE FALL. This indoor installation showcases the relationship between the natural and man-made world. A docent will lead us through a short description of the installation. (They don't allow dogs within this installation. I'll wait outside with your dogs while you pop your head inside for a few minutes). Our next stop is at the Officers' Club to see the newest piece, EARTH WALL. A half-sphere of tree branches on the exterior wall covered by a rammed earth and then chiseled to reveal the sculpture. Taking a detour from The Goldsworthy's we'll pass the lovely Inn at The Presidio, and follow a series of small paths up towards El Polin Spring, home to many birds and butterflies. From there it's a slight detour past the new Paul Goode Field to the Broadway entry where we'll experience the latest vista point, still being developed. Then we'll cross over to meet up with the WOOD LINE piece. This installation is completely interactive, and by walking along it we become part of the artwork. The next part of our walk takes us along Lovers' Lane, to West Pacific, and up to Julius Kahn Playground (restrooms). We'll cross The Bay Trail and head over to SPIRE, the first installation created in the park, using 38 Cypress trunks and reaching over 90 feet tall. We'll have to cross a busy street to get there, but there's a pedestrian path. After we finish at Spire, we'll stop for a moment at Inspiration Point. It lives up to its name. Then we'll head along the extremely beautiful and peaceful Ecology Trail. This path of pristine wilderness is one of my favorite parts of the Presidio. The Ecology Trail will take us back to the Main Post. This is an easy to moderate walk, with a few small uphills and staircases. Most of the walk is along paths, but we go through some dirt sections and one short make-your-own-path hillside. The walk should take about 2 1/2 hours, depending on how much we dilly-dally. Dogs are always welcome on these walks. Presidio rules require they be on leash. After the walk we end up back at the Main Post, where the Off The Grid Presidio Picnic will be in full swing. This event features food trucks and booths, music, entertainment, vendors, a farmers' market and a specialty bar. Bring a blanket to sit on, and join the festivities. Just in time for lunch! http://offthegridsf.com/markets/picnic#about GETTING THERE: Muni bus line #43 (Masonic) drops us directly in front to the Transit Center. Line #28 (19th Avenue) takes you to Richardson/Lombard, just outside the Lombard Gate. Line #45 (Union) stops on Lyon. Parking is plentiful, and although free parking can be difficult to find, we'll be early enough that you should be able to get parking at the Main Post for a reasonable fee (all-day is $8). Even arriving early, this event will fill up fast. Give yourself plenty of time. The FREE Presidigo Downtown Shuttle arrives at the Main Post around 9:55 AM. You should be able to see us still walking towards Tree Fall, but you'll have to hustle. This is probably the best option for BART users.http://www.presidio.gov/transportation/presidigo/downtown-shuttle-schedule ATTENDANCE POLICY-- This group does not accomodate no-shows or crashers. Don't do it. City Steppers who no-show or late cancel can be removed from the group without warning. Attendance policy here (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Attendance_Policy_%28No-Shows_and_Cancellations%29). THIS IS A GREAT HIKE FOR DOGS, ALTHOUGH THE OFF-THE-GRID EVENT WILL BE CROWDED. SOME DOGS DO NOT HANDLE THIS WELL. The first two installations do not allow dogs, but it's possible to peek our heads in from outside. doggie guest rules here. (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Doggie_Guest_Rules/) LIABILITY & SAFETY-- You are responsible for your own safety on all City Steps walks. Your yes RSVP confirms that you have read and agree to our Liability Waiver Here (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Liability_Disclaimer_and_Waiver/) and Safety Tips Here (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Safety_Tips/). We'll walk in fog or mist, but rain cancels.

GREASE! Sing along with the Mountain Play and hike back to Mill Valley

Cushing Memorial ("Mountain") Amphitheater

I am posting this now, because early-bird tickets are on sale until March 31. It offers a $5 discount per ticket. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THE EQUIPMENT SHUTTLES WILL RETURN. Check the messages below for updates. The Mountain Play has been a Bay Area tradition since 1913. This century-old, award-winning theater company on the Muir Woods side of Mt. Tam produces one annual outdoor theatrical production. This year they present the fun 50s style musical GREASE! The June 8th performance is presented as a sing-along. A popular tradition encourages people to enjoy the show, then hike back to Mill Valley Let's join the fun, sing-along with the play, and hike back. Tickets to GREASE are $45 ($40 senior), and a $5 shuttle fee. You must first purchase a ticket to the JUNE 8th performance. PURCHASE YOUR TICKET FOR GREASE HERE: https://mountainplay.org/ticket-info/ticket-pricing/ DO NOT PURCHASE A PARKING TICKET- we are hiking back to Mill Valley. The play begins at 2:00. The walk begins at 4:45. THE HIKE We'll join the other adventurous theater-goers and follow the route on the Mountain Play website. From the ampitheatre, we take ROCK SPRINGS TRAIL to the West Point Inn (restrooms). We'll stop for a few minutes here to catch our breath and enjoy the views. We leave the inn and take the NORA TRAIL and MATT DAVIS TRAIL to the Mountain Home Inn (porta restrooms). Those of you who remember our Mt Tam hike will be familiar with this section of the route, as it was the final set of trails we took that day. From there we circle around Edgewood Avenue and the PIPELINE TRAIL to the famous DIPSEA STAIRS (those of you on our Mill Valley walk will recall this as our final section as well). These lead us to OLD MILL PARK (restrooms) an Mill Valley , then along Miller Avenue to Tamalpais High School. The website lists this as 6 miles, and 2 & 1/2 hours- I think it will take a bit longer Most of the walk is downhill along small paths and trails. The play is scheduled to finish at 4:30 PM. I am shooting for a 4:45 start time for the hike, giving us enough time to use the facilities.. It's a rough guess, though, and if the play runs a few minutes long, we'll adjust accordingly. ABOUT THE THEATER- The Mountain Play is performed at the Sidney B. Cushing Ampitheatre. It is an outdoor experience. The seats are rock and dirt (you can bring a seat cushion or a chair without legs, but you'll have to carry it back down. You can rent a cushion at the theater- I think it's $5) and there is limited shade There's always a pre-show starting around 12:30. Doors open at 9:00 AM, and the performance begins at 2:00 PM. People bring a picnic (there are also vendors at the site with options like sandwiches, salads, ice creams, and beverages including beer/wine) and make a day of it. Let us know if you want to picnic/sit as a group, or if you will find your own seating. Early arrivers can save up to 10 seats for others. I will get there early and grab spots in the sun as closeas possible to the center. Those wanting shade should arrive early to grab their own spots, or consider reserving the VIP spots in the shade. Mt. Tam can have extreme weather. My hope is that by attending one of the early performances, we will avoid a very hot day, but it's the luck of the draw. Rain is unlikely, but if the venue cancels due to weather, your ticket is good for any subsequent performance. GETTING THERE: The Mountain Play Express shuttle leaves roughly every 15 minutes from 10:00am to 12:45pm from Mill Valley. PARK AT THE HIGH SCHOOL, as this is our hike-back return spot. Parking is free, the shuttle costs $5 per person, payable at boarding. DRIVING- Follow the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin. Stay on Highway 101 and take the Mill Valley/Stinson Beach exit.(DIRECTIONS AND DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS ARE MAILED WITH YOUR TICKETS) PARK AT: Tamalpais High School, on Miller Avenue opposite the Safeway at 1 Camino Alto. NOTE: The later you get there, the more difficult it will be to park and get a shuttle. Last year some people missed the beginning of the show because all the shuttles were full and they had to wait while the shuttles did a round-trip to the mountain. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION is do-able, but it takes a while. Golden Gate Transit bus #70 or #10 each begin at the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, then follow Van Ness and Lombard across the bridge into Marin. Exit at Marin City (Donohue and Terners), then board a Golden Gate Transit bus #17 or Marin Stage #61 into Mill Valley. ATTENDANCE POLICY--No-shows and crashing are not tolerated. Late cancellations (less than 12 hours before the walk) are counted the same as a no-show. (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Attendance_Policy_%28No-Shows_and_Cancellations%29). NO DOGS--Dogs are not permitted on the mountain, LIABILITY & SAFETY TIPS--You are responsible for your own safety on all City Steps walks. (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Liability_Disclaimer_and_Waiver/) (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-City-Steps/pages/Safety_Tips/). WHAT TO BRING/WEAR-The Mountain play website has a nice Packing List on its website. Wear clothes appropriate for a hike afterward.

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