• Community Manager Breakfast at Salesforce!

    Salesforce West

    Hi, all! I'm kickstarting CM Breakfast again in San Francisco. When I moved back to the Bay Area from NYC way back when, Evan Hamilton, who is now at reddit, had regular morning gatherings for CMs. Here is the info on the first one in a long time: https://communitymanagermeetup.splashthat.com/ - Make sure to register on the Splash page to secure your spot as you'll need to have your ID and be on the list to access the building. March 12th at 7:30 am at Salesforce West. RSVP here and grab a spot! Hope to see you there!


    Kabbalah Study Center

    WHY... are we choosing to live the way we do and HOW to add joy and enthusiasm and take control over your life. Gain control of your life Find out why things happen to you Discover your purpose https://youtu.be/0QbaOddNb6E FREE KABBALAH INTRODUCTORY LECTURE When the wisdom of Kabbalah meets people like you, people who want to understand life and want to get the most out of life, something magical happens. Our series of intro lectures will answer all of the questions you have about the wisdom of Kabbalah. Find out what Authentic Kabbalah truly deals with, who it's meant for and how it's studied. But most importantly come and find out for yourself how the wisdom of Kabbalah will help you manage your life and bring it to the most successful state you've ever imagined possible.

  • CMX Summit Pre-Event Happy Hour


    NOTE: PLEASE RSVP ON FACEBOOK TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT (https://www.facebook.com/events/313928515639003/). SFCMGR invites you to a CMX-hosted event at Novela to prepare for the big CMX Summit (http://cmxhub.com/summit/west-2016/) conference on November 1-2. Meeting people at a conference is hard. There are a million things happening and you're never sure where to begin. Let's get to know each other prior to CMX Summit West by grabbing some drinks and snacks and talking about community. You do not have to have a ticket to CMX Summit to attend. Look for the CMX table signs - we'll be there! This event will be hosted and organized by CMX attendee and member, Sofia Rodriguez Mata (https://twitter.com/SofMata) of Salesforce.

  • Working With Communities to Bring About Impactful Change & Social Good

    Place (http://create.place.xyz/) is welcoming us into their new SF offices for a evening of learning about how to work with communities to bring about impactful and social change. Focusing on the communities of United Nations Foundation, and Bioneers, we will learn how these communities have brought about social good and how that learning can be applied to all types of communities. We will be learning how we can all harness the power of community for social good from: • Jan D'Alessandro, EVP Strategic Partnerships for Place • Alisa Cordesius, Manager of Social Innovation & Design, Indiegogo • Patty Padilla, Director of Special Events of the United Nations Foundation • Deyden Tethong, Revolutions per Minute • Josh Fouts, Executive Director of Bioneers We will be focusing on their latest innovative community strategies including harnessing the potential of Place, Indiegogo, and more! The evening starts at 6:30PM for some pre-panel mingling and the panel will start at 7PM. Huge thanks to our sponsors, Place, for letting us make this event possible!!

  • Evening of TEC Day 1 share about what you learnt with OCtribe

    We are teaming up with the OCTribe for Wednesday evening so you have somewhere to go and talk about what you learnt on TEC day one and get the ideas and questions flowing for the expert workshops on day two! I will try and be there, but Susan and the OCTribe will be on form to have a Unconference Style meetup! if you can't attend TEC Summit, no worries! The Community Manager Members will be prepared to discuss topics such as: • SEO • Network Mapping • The current state of listening dashboards • Twitter follow strategy And hopefully, those of you who will have attended TEC will come to share what you've learned with the rest of the group. Please RSVP both here and on the OCtribe meetuphttp://www.meetup.com/octribe/events/220421335/

  • SFCMGR goes to TEC Summit!!

    Bently Reserve

    IMPORTANT: NB - You must register via the eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tec-summit-tickets-16045995003?access=Community), info below, NOT just through Meetup. This is an RSVP needed event. Thank you!! As a co-organiser of both SFCMGR and TEC Summit, I am delighted to say I have a very special guest-donation ticket rate available for TEC Summit - http://www.tecsummit.com - here in SF on May 27th & 28th. TEC is the only conference to bring together online’s most innovative influencers and their enthusiastic communities to evoke learning, inspiration, and collaboration. The two days will bring together some of the greatest community rockstars in keynotes, panels, and workshops. The two day conference starts with a more classic conference feel with keynotes and panel discussions featuring some of the hottest influencers and community stars. Speakers include the head of all social at NASA, John Yembrick; Co-Founder of PurseBlog, Vlad Dusil; Sr. Director of Business, We Heart It, Bridget Silvi; Founder of CloudPeeps, Kate Kendall; VP of Marketing at Disqus, Steve Roy. (Please check out http://tecsummit.com/speakers a list of all speakers). Day two will be a set of intimate workshops where you can quiz the experts and learn from each other on a range of different topics to help manage both the struggles and benefits of being a community professional. We have some of the Bay Area’s #1 community rockstars including: Meghan Murphy, Marketing & Community Lead at HandUp; Crystal Coleman, Director of Community at Townsquared; Kim Schultz, Creative Social Media and Marketing Expert; will cover topics ranging from the ongoing problem of metrics, problems of scaling communities, how to create a good culture in your community while moderating the trolls, and how to think about your community and how they can bring value to a company's marketing efforts. I have arranged for us to have a limited amount of donation tickets, so hurry and reserve yours now for Day one and two, or one or the other. There is a suggested discounted donation amount, but feel free to pay what you're able to. I understands budgets are very different for people, and we don't want anyone to miss out, but rather get all the value they can from the two days. Just follow this link to see the special donation tickets appear - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tec-summit-tickets-16045995003?access=Community There will be lots of networking opportunities during the day and even more fun in the evening!

  • Community Management for Social Good

    Salesforce Cafe

    We are invited to join San Francisco Tech4Good on Tuesday May 12th for an engaging and informative discussion on Community Management for Social Good (http://www.meetup.com/sfnetsquared/events/222113507/). You’ll hear from community managers in the social good space about how they do their jobs, including helpful tips and tools, and what changes they see for the future of community management. If you're already a CM, you can network and contribute. If you're interested in becoming a CM, this will help you get a clear understanding about what CMs do and how they got there. Whoever you are, come ready with questions and be ready to get to know others doing their thing to make the world a better place! Refreshments and light food will be provided. Schedule: 6:30 doors open 6:30-7:00 mingling, food, and grab a seat 7:00-8:30 panel and Q&A discussion 8:30-9:00 networking time Panelists: • Leah Filler, Global Community Engagement Director, Lava Mae (http://www.lavamae.org/) Leah is deeply motivated to help people through creative approaches to social justice. A Bay Area transplant from Boston, her background is in community organization and activism. She worked with the New York City international women's nonprofit organization MADRE, and founded the Women's Caucus in Boston where she organized with women's and LGBTQ rights movements. Leah received her Bachelor of Arts from Lesley University in Global Studies and Environmental Science. A founding staffer at Lava Mae, she is integral to the stewardship of the vision and is working to scale this innovative model locally in San Francisco, and globally in response to hundreds of replication inquiries. • Megan Keane, Membership Director, NTEN.org (http://www.nten.org/) Megan is a long-time San Francisco bay area resident with an extensive nonprofit background in community management, social media, and volunteer management. She's a problem solver and network builder passionate about connecting with people both on and offline. As NTEN's (http://www.nten.org/) Membership Director, Megan supports the NTEN community, helping others connect, learn, and make the most of technology, and has spoken internationally on nonprofit technology. While she's not online, Megan can be found teaching or practicing yoga, hiking, or curling up with a good book. • James Nickerson, Marketing & Social Media Strategist, The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus (http://www.sfgmc.org/), Lead Instructor Digital Marketing, General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly/) James (Jim) started his marketing and communications career "running tapes" at CNN during the Gulf War, and has been communicating ever since. Jim is currently a Marketing and Social Media Consultant. In addition to extensive corporate communications and marketing experience, Jim spent three years as the Social Media manager for the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, the largest and first chorus of its kind. Jim built SFGMC’s program from scratch and created a fully robust social media platform, now modeled by other arts organizations around the world. He still works with SFGMC, speaking at national conferences about the power of communications and social media advocacy. • Alicia Schmidt, Senior Director, Customer Experience at Salesforce Foundation (http://www.salesforcefoundation.org/) Alicia Schmidt is the Senior Director of Customer Experience at the Salesforce Foundation where she is responsible for leading customer experience initiatives resulting in increased customer satisfaction, engagement, and revenue - all in service of the Foundation's nonprofit mission. In 2013, Alicia led the creation and launch of the Power of Us Hub, an online community for Salesforce users from nonprofit organizations. Currently, the community has more than 15,000 members. Prior to her work at the Salesforce Foundation, Alicia spent more than 15 years working at nonprofit organizations in a variety of development and marketing roles.

  • #CommBuild #Tweetchat "Engagement Indicators" today 10am PST

    Join the #CommBuild tweetchat today! Community building focuses so much on engagement indicators, but what do we mean by that? What can we learn from each other? Is the data serving us well? Are we making the most of our data? How do you mix the art and science of fostering and engaged community? Sample questions, but please share more ideas to @jwaggo! Q1 - What does engagement mean to you? Q2 - What are your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for engagement? Q3 - Do you use a free, pay, or custom-built system to help you? Q4 - How do you compare or combine what you know across platforms? Q5 - How much of engagement is art, and how much is science? Q6 - What do you think of as a big "engagement" success story? Q7 - Trust and safety: do you monitor "bad" engagement like abuse or bullying? Q8 - If you could take a class on engagement indicators, what would it cover? Q9 - Does your community know its own engagement indicators? Location: http://twitter.com Login: Use the hashtag #commbuild

  • Re-Posting - OCtribe MeetUp:Social Media Analytics & Community Manager Tools

    Since this month we are only hosting a HH, so we wanted to make sure you were aware of some other great community manager meetups happening. This month OCTribe are having a great event, see cut and pasted details beneath. OCTribe - "This month we have another talk on the tools of our trade, with a focus on social media stats reporting. We're kicking off 2015 with a 2-part #OCTribe meetup this January. in the first half of the meetup,we'll be joined by Malin Coleridge, Senior Manager of Analytics at TechSoup Global, for a talk on social media analytics. Then, we'll transition into a continuation of our November discussion on online tools for community managers with a series of lightning talks by you all, offering pro-tips to get the most of some of the more popular tools #OCTribe members use (link to Google Doc). Feel free to come and give a 3-5 min talk on your favorite tool of the social media and online community trade. " Even more info at: http://www.meetup.com/octribe/events/213406452/?a=ea2_grp&rv=ea2

  • Community Manager Appreciation Day Happy Hour

    Scoop.it HQ

    After last year's wonderful HH to celebrate Community Manager's Appreciation Day, we thought we would do it all again bigger and better this year. Come along and join us for a evening of meeting, mingling, and discussing all things Community Management!! Like last year, we are being hosted by the very wonderful Ally at the Scoop.It HQs, so we know it will be a great evening!!