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Wow, Meetup has gotten super scammy.

I have been organizing meetups for a few years. It costs me $200/year for the privilege to manage 3 meetup groups. However I have not been active recently and it is just not worth paying $200 for groups I no longer participate in.

I tried to cancel the subscription.   First of all, they try to ply you with a discount to keep you there, which is scammy.  But declining that, and clicking though all the warnings that I won't be able to manage groups, I get to the end and say "cancel" but it simply does not work. It does nothing. I am still signed up to renew in 6 months.

So they have a link on the page for "Contact Billing Support" I wrote a long message explaining the situation, and got a response:   "You've reached us at an email address that we're not currently monitoring. Please use our Help Center to find the answer to your question or contact our team."

I used the email FROM the help center.

They don't have phone support at all, billing or otherwise.

Does anyone on this list know how to contact Meetup Support so I can cancel my subscription?

Be very very careful. Do not trust them blindly with a credit card.

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