• Building Blockchain Governance Tools

    Product School San Francisco

    All details about the event can be found on eventbrite. This is a free product school hosted event so please be sure to RSVP via the eventbrite link below. Just make sure to RSVP ahead of time otherwise there's a ticket price at the door. Look forward to spending Halloween with you all! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-build-products-with-blockchain-by-blockstate-co-founder-and-pm-tickets-51007218965

  • Decentralized Digital Identity Use-Cases and Solutions

    Agenda: 6-6:25 pm: Networking 6:25-7:10 pm: Presentations from Civic and Hilo 7:10-8 pm: Panelist fireside chat 9 pm: End Speakers: - Jonathan Smith: Co-founder and CTO of Civic https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-smith-2b997a/ - Robby Black: CTO of Hilo.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgeblackjr/ - Akshay Sharma: CTO of doc.ai https://www.linkedin.com/in/sakshaysharma/ - Bryan Pon: Director of Research at Caribou Digital and Board Member on the Sovrin Foundation https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanjustinpon/ ------------------------- Continuing the theme of decentralized governance, we will be exploring the topic of digital identity and how decentralized identities can give power and peace of mind back to people so that they can decide who is allowed to interact with their identity and how their identity can be used. In an age where centralized services frequently succumb to hacks and privacy abuse, a new decentralized paradigm is sorely needed. In this talk, the leaders of Civic will introduce the concept of self-sovereign identities and explore some of the many use-cases their platform is tackling (KYC services, Know your Donor & Voter, Attestations, Relationship Verification, ID Theft Protection). Civic is a secure identity platform that provides business and individuals the tools to control and protect identities. https://www.civic.com/ In addition, Civic has created an ecosystem of businesses and developers. As such we will also be exploring how partners such as Hilo are tackling use-cases such as relationship verification utilizing Civic solutions. http://hilo.io/ Lastly we will conclude the night with a fireside chat with a distinguished panel of experts in decentralized identity. We will further explore use-cases and dive into the many challenges that will need to be solved in order to usher in a future of sovereign identity: user adoption, regulation, interoperable standards, etc.

  • Decentralized Governance Use-Cases and Best Practices

    DocuSign Executive Briefing Center

    Blockstate will be hosting a distinguished panel of speakers to discuss the pros/cons of different blockchain governance models and how we can incorporate the best practices from other governance lessons. We will be exploring how current projects such as Hyperledger and ICON have implemented governance as well as diving deep into topics such as Futarchy, Liquid Democracy, Quadratic voting, etc. In addition we will cover how traditional institutions and regulatory bodies view blockchain governance and what kind of transformative impacts blockchain governance can have on existing processes. Panel: - Brian Behlendorf: Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project - Tony Lai: Co-Founder of Legal.io and Co-Chair at CodeX Stanford Blockchain Group - Scott Smiley: Business Development Manager at ICON Foundation Agenda: 5-5:30 pm: Arrive / Network / Refreshments 5:30-5:45 pm: Opening overview about Blockchain governance from Leo Cheng at Blockstate 5:45-6:30 pm: Panel discussion moderated by your host, Stephen Laird 6:30-7 pm: Q&A from audience 7-7:30 pm: Networking 7:30-8 pm: Wrap-up/Clean-up