What we're about

This is a Meetup for parents or fosters of special needs/handicapable dogs, cats, or any other mobility challenged animal(s).

Traveling, living, and thriving with a special needs animal is SO POSSIBLE. Let's get outside with our amazing wheelie kids!

This will be an active and educational group to bring awareness to the special needs pet community through outings, workshops, and adventures!

Meetups will consist of urban and wooded trail walks that are easy for the "kids" but also some challenging trails that require us to use our doggy backpacks to let them explore spaces they can't easily access with their wheels. As a backcountry EMT for Colorado Search and Rescue, I'm passionate about responsible wilderness travel; especially with dogs. I teach Basic and Wilderness Animal First Aid so, if there's interest in the group, I'll sprinkle in adventure medicine tips for you and your pups.

If you're facing the reality that your animal family member might need help with mobility in the near future, this meetup can be a great resource regarding adjusting to a fulfilling life with a dog or cat that needs a wheelchair or prosthetic.

If you're considering adopting a special needs animal and have questions about what it's like to live with a special needs four legged family member, join us!!

Past events (2)

2019 Winter Walk at Fort Funston


A Wheel Dog Adventure

Crissy Field Warming Hut

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