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Calling all holistic side hustlers! Are you trying to build a passion project or side hustle out of your holistic values? Looking to one day earn a living from your passions? Perhaps you’re a yoga teacher looking to teach full-time for yourself or a reiki practitioner looking to offer your services in San Francisco. In this group, we’ll come together and discuss what it’s like to build a business and how to create a holistic livelihood that earns a living. This group is for anyone living a holistic lifestyle and has entrepreneurial aspirations. Wether you’re considering starting a side hustle or already have a successful side hustle up and running, come join us! Come share who you are, your story and what your holistic side hustle is all about! Join a community of like minded individuals to discuss holistic values, the solopreneur life and what it’s like to try and get your side hustle off the ground! For example, we’ll discuss your goals for your side hustle, what it’s like to build a business, the place of holistic values in business, how to balance a day job and a side hustle with living a holistic livelihood. We’ll also share strategies and ideas for overcoming challenges along the way. Come share what it means to you to be a holistic side hustler and your dreams for getting your side hustle off the ground or into the stratosphere. Let’s help each other grow and create a community along the way! Come find your tribe! :)

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