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Mindfulness Meditation
With regular mindfulness meditation practice, there are well-documented benefits to mental and physical health and spiritual well-being, including relief from symptoms of stress and a greater capacity be compassionate. When making time to practice in a safe and quiet place, being still, and turning attention inward, the mind can more easily become aware of present moment experience. This is where habitual patterns of thinking and behavior can be noticed, presenting an opportunity for change in ways that may improve one’s health and promote peace for oneself and for the world. The meditation will be led by Mary Costello who practices meditation with the Insight and Zen communities in San Francisco. She has a graduate degree in Integrative Health and professional training in both Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and in mindfulness facilitation. With thanks to St. Cyprian’s Church for providing this space, there will be a free, weekly, 30-minute meditation in the church. It will begin with a 10-minute guided meditation, followed by a 20-minute silent meditation.

St. Cyprian's Episcopal Chruch

2097 Turk Blvd. St. Cyrpain's Episocpal Church · San Francisco, CA

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We are a progressive and welcoming spiritual community in a changing city and neighborhood. We weave authentic Christian practices together with ancient spiritual practices and progressive theology to explore what it means to be a Christian in today’s San Francisco. We gather on Sundays and Wednesdays to use authentic Christian spiritual practices, helping to heal ourselves and the world around us. For a quick summary of coming services and events, please see our Facebook events page ( the Cyprian’s Center’s Facebook events page ( For more about our spiritual life please see ourAbout Us page ( We believe it is time to Reclaim Jesus ( by living the radical and inclusive life Jesus calls us to lead.

We are a community that welcomes people of all colors, orientations, and backgrounds. Our spiritual path is to create a sense of community by doing things together. Our Sunday and Wednesday worship services weave together authentic spiritual practices dating from the earliest days of Christianity. progressive preaching, thoughtful spiritual practices, and music help us bring people together into a community.

Progressive Christian preaching, authentic spiritual practices, welcoming community, soulful music, & healing grace: Our 10 a.m. Sunday service draws on authentic traditions of the Christian Church as well as our congregation’s heritage of living as a community where everyone matters. Jazz Mass/Gospel Music Sundays: Once a month we celebrate our

Piano Jazz Mass (

at our Sunday 10 a.m. service. Healing Prayers & Anointing: We offer healing prayers and anointing every Sunday at 10 a.m. and Wednesday at 11 a.m. Following our Wednesday Healing Mass, we either share a free light lunch or join in the free Senior Luncheon presented here on Fourth Wednesdays by this church and Episcopal Senior Communities. For Children & Families: We offer Sunday School during our 10 a.m. Sunday service! Children may go downstairs for class and crafts as we start to read our first lesson and rerun when we are ready to celebrate communion. All are welcome at the altar to receive communion or a blessing. Sunday School runs from the second Sunday of September through the end of the school year.

Our Facebook events page ( offers details of all St. Cyprian’s activities. You can sign up for our weekly e-newsletter here.

The Cyprian’s Center

The Cyprian’s Center ( is our non-sectarian (not at all religious) program that opens our building to community groups. Some use our space for as the neighborhood concert hall (, for group meetings, cooking classes, community dinners. improv groups. Groups or individuals interested in renting space here can find rental information here (

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